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  1. Hi Friends and Folks, I've set a good presets for VC (Captain seat, f/o seat, pedestal, etc) but when the plane is fly, banking left or right, the camera moves slight left or right, and it has been different position like i set before. How to keep the camera still in the position?
  2. Hello friends and folks, I just purchased chaseplane for fsx:se Everything running smoothly, i followed the manual, excluding the chaseplane.exe and chaseplane bridge.exe on my windows defender, when i already setup all camera position, save it, then restarting the sim, back with chaseplane as well, the camera position and the zoom set is different like my setup before. I dont know if it’s a bug or maybe i miss something so that happen. Anyone could help? Thank you.
  3. When i install fsx sp1/fsx acceleration, error with this message : an error occurred during the installation of assembly ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator.SimConnect.version=“10.0.61242.0” type=“win32”.processorArchitecture=“x86.publicKeyToken=67c7c14424d61b5b” Help will be appreciated. Thank You.
  4. Are you flying online? IVAO or VATSIM? Flying online together would be fun
  5. May God bless you dave! I’ve purchased fsx steam today, download it and install it smoothly without any problems occured. After that i install the entire addons such as pmdg’s aircraft, ftx sceneries, rex, fs global, aerosoft a320, it all works fine! But sadly we cant install aerosoft aes (ground handling services) on fsx steam, some forum says that because there’s unsupported file for fsx se :( But finally you made me speechless lol. Thank you so much.
  6. Okay, but i’m gonna try the fsx se, see if everything works fine. I’ll be posting here if i found any problems. Thank you for your response :)
  7. Well, i guest i’ll give it a try, hope everything is good. Btw, what do i need after installing fsx se? Because I’ve read some forum that we need install something manually to get those addons works properly.
  8. Hi Dave, thank you for your assist. So you recommend me to use the fsx steam? Is it running well (compatible) for the addons? Because i’m gonna use so many addons for fsx.