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  1. Hi All Recently downloaded VoxATC 7.42. Long time user on FSX:SE, and now slowly making the shift to P3D v4.4. Anyway, install and indexer run fine, but when I try to run the panel setup, the list of aircraft comes up, and whether I select one or many, once I click the 'Install' Button, the second small window comes up and hangs at 'Initializing, please wait'. No sign of anything else, no slowing of PC and Task Manager shows 0% CPU, 22MB Memory and 0 disk usage. I have tried: - Running as Admin - Disabling both Real time protection and controlled folder access in Windows Defender - UAC is off. Nothing seems to help. Any thoughts greatly appreciated. Cheers!
  2. Hi AllI am having issues installing Prepar3d V4.4.I have downloaded the installation files, checked the MD5 hash on both the zip file and all the component files.On running the prepar3d_setup.exe the process flows through until about 95% on the progress bar (guessing that, no actual numbers are visible) then just sits. Whilst this is running, the rest of the computer virtually hangs and I generally have to crash out by hard resetting the computer as explorer stops responding.I have tried installing by running through the 3 sub packages:_client.msi completes ok_content.msi gets through the first runthrough the progress bar (updating component registrations) but then hangs about 15% through the second run through (copying files). I have re-downloaded the _content.msi file but no joy. Again the hang here is like that identified above – I typically have to hard reset the pc to regain control_scenery.msi I haven’t gotten to due to the hang during the _content.msi install.I have disabled Windows Defender realtime protection, UAC.I have disabled all other non-critical processes and triedI have tried multiple source and destination file locationsI have tried installing with a clean boot I have run through the process multiple times with no joy - also run through the troubleshooting guide on the PRepar3d site. I’m at a bit of a loss – any help/suggestions would be great. Thanks in Advance!TimWin 10 / AMD Ryzen 7 2700x (native clock values) / Gigabyte Aorus Ultra Gaming 7 Wi-Fi / 16GB Ram / Samsung 960 Pro SSD 512GB (M.2 PCIe).
  3. timbradley

    Majestic website down?

    Hi all Just getting back into my flightsimming and went looking for the majestic software site to update my bird. Whenever i try to access i get a 502 bad gateway error. I'm trying to access http://majesticsoftware.com Am i missing something or does the site no longer exist?
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    Majestic website down?

    Thanks! This must have only gone up recently I was on the fb page yesterday...or perhaps the day before...nvm. I shall wait (moderately) patiently...