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  1. Patience is a virtue, eh. My T7 is grounded also; T7 throttle w/backlight is on stand-by. On another note - if I could afford 100,000,000 Euros price, I would probably have my own jet to take me where ever....lol. Brindle
  2. This may be completely 'late' on my part, but I noticed the FS2Crew for P3D V4, PMDG-777 on the web-site with a cost of 100,000,000 euros. I assume this is a typo/glitch. Is this an indication that the product(s) is close to being released (actual release will put the price to normal)? Thanks, Roy Peaks
  3. Brindle

    P3D V4

    Indeed! Purchased & Downloaded P3DV4 and Chase Plane works great. Unfortunately, I have to fly a non-PMDG plane for another week or two until the 737/777's are released. I maxed the settings on just about everything - and no slow downs! I can finally put this 4.2 - 7700k, 32G Ram, 980-ti(SLI) to work on the 64-bit. Chase Plane takes the 'cockpit shakes' to a higher level of realism. Again, everything is very smooth at max levels. I could not do this with P3Dv3. Roy
  4. Brindle

    P3D V4

    (Everyone probably knows about this, so please excuse if this news is old...) Well, it is official. I visited the PrePar3D.com site yesterday (May 23, 2017). PrePar3D is releasing Version 4 (64-bit) on May the 30th. Hopefully, Chase Plane will be compatible within the same week. PMDG has announced that their products will be free to those who have purchased v3 (yay!) Regards, Roy
  5. Success! I used the "C" key instead, and voila! Thanks!
  6. I have read and followed all procedures (word by word) since yesterday. Disabled Windows Defender & Malware-bytes, added exceptions for PrePar3d 3.2. Uninstalled & reinstalled. Pressed the "N" button, after right-clicking on both icons (FSCrew2 & P3D) and ran as Admin. This is one software that actually has me 'stumped' I did notice the 'panel.cfg' file in my FS directory; the type of file is FS2Crew.backupfile. Purchased the MJC8 Q400 about one month ago, so I believe I have the most updated version. I disabled the 'Shared-cockpit' within the MJC8 Q400 control panel. My PC uses Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. i7 intel - 6700, SLI 980ti's I hope it's just something simple on my part that I may be missing - frustrated.... Wanted to try everything I could before asking for help - no I'm lost....lol. Please help. Thanks, Brindle
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