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  1. AI is off and Airport textures are already loaded in when im 3NM away from the airport. And as I said: ASCA is loading in new textures which is causing some lag spikes. I rarely get lags while being close to an Airport. Low FPS? Maybe sometimes. But no spikes. I know that these lags are getting caused by ASCA because I get the messages as mentioned in the reply above. And I always load in a flightplan in AS16 so that I get the best weather depiction. Thanks for replying!
  2. The 20 seconds thing was just a rough estimate. But i get the messages "Loading ASCA theme" and "ASCA theme load completed" so i'm pretty sure thats whats causing it.
  3. Yes I do know that this option exists and I had it turned on for some time. It didn't change anything in ASCA. It also decreases the realism which I don't want.
  4. Hey guys, i have a small problem with ASCA and FSX: I use the theme "Global Automatic" to get the best variety into my simulator. It makes my Sim look so much better and I really like it. But everytime ASCA updates my theme i get some small lag spikes which, when i'm in cruise, are no problem at all. But when i'm on Final and the program decides it would be a good idea to update, this could lead to some small problems. Even though these lags only last for about 20 seconds. So my idea would be to add an option to the program, like in Active Sky, to prevent updates on approach. Please tell me your opinion to this and most important: Tell me if i missed something. Kind regards, Magiik
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