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  1. okey thank you it works. thank you for the fast answers and help. best regards.
  2. yes Im sure, I try this, and it gives me an ERR on the radio panel. I tried some on simulation at the aircraft menue, but nothing helps. LSZH on vatsim had : 135.220. This frequeny didnt work. Im going cracy. regards.
  3. Hello, need help, when I want to change the frequency on the left side to for ex. 135.220 its there is an ERR on the radio panel. This frequency is needed for the app on vatsim at LSZH. But its the same, when I`m not connected to vatsim. Some frequencies working, some not. There comes an ERR on the radio display. Whats the reason or whats going wrong? Thank you for any help. Volker
  4. I have renamed it, but no, sorry the generator dont find any liveriy in this folder. But all aircrafts have png files. Is this right? have IVAO change any? F:\X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins\X-IvAp Resources\IVAO_MTL I I think it doesnt matter, where the aircrafts are from for my prepar3d or I believe, I have taken the wrong installer.
  5. Hello nico, thank you for this program that let us fly a little real. I downloaded the aircrafts from ivao but the generator said, there are no liveries. But I have seen, that you have installed it. Whats wrong? In the aircraft files, there are a lot of png datas. regards Volker
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