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  1. Hi! Splynn! Have the PMDG-company created a fix for the problem already?
  2. Its only the experiment. I want to return to M_Audio using. But need to locate the problem.......
  3. I have news. I have made flight with only internal sound device, external usb device was off completely. I didnt meet the problem. But I had FPSs drop and bad working of sound system overall. VPilot for instance worked intermittently, windows' sounds were in the same way (sounds of user account control for instance). The reason may be in the drivers for int.sound. And else there was very bad preamping of mic.signal, nevertheless m-audio is better for preamping.
  4. Lets think logically. From where fs2crew receives voice-signal? from windows speech recognizer? or from hardware input directly (through default recording device)?
  5. okey, I'll try. But I wonder why the bug happens after about 2h40min? Not earlier... not right away....
  6. You think it makes sense to turn on int.sound and watch?
  7. No, that didnt. I described status (settings) of my system. Int.sound is off always (many years).
  8. Turning-off internal sound is recommendation of musicians community for working with audio-sequencer (Reaper for instance).
  9. I have not met the problem with fs2crew majestic q400 - I think because I lead short flights. The problem with fs2crew 777 occurs after about 2h40min of flight and it occurs in each long flight without exception. At that time of flight I almost do not use fs2crew (HM mode), I only die the message "pilot response" ))) Short flights on the 777 pass successfully (1-2hours).
  10. I use external sound card M-Audio with exclusive use of USB-port, i.e. only the card for that port. Also I use USB-hub (in another port) for joystick, mouse and USB-harddisc. When I have trouble with FS2crew other applications works properly (FSX, vPilot, GSX, pmdg 777). And I can hear my voice in the monitoring mode of card (i.e. microphone input processing works). Also at the same moment windows speech recognizer works and understands my words (I can pass the test). I can reanimate fs2crew by absolutely turning-off and then turning-on audio-card (by power knob), then pushing "reset" on fs2crew's panel.
  11. alas, no, that didnt solve the problem......
  12. I think I found: Power Options - USB selective suspend settings. Yep?
  13. "Check your USB port power settings." How can I do this? Where to find this in system? Thank you
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