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  1. I prefer to fly with either as long as I can reach the beer!
  2. This is disturbing, Zucker...whatever his name is might not be able to buy a fleet of personal 500' yachts this year? He might have to get a second job, just devastating.
  3. Nedo and Ron, exactly what I am thinking, (Oculus on the way to the dumpster)! I cancelled my Facebook account many years ago and will not return to that kind of social garbage, nothing but drama! Also returned my Oculus headset back to Amazon about a month after I bought it, so I guess I won't have to toss it in the dumpster! Sorta waiting to see if there will be a G3 or new Index or something else coming before I buy again. I'm not sure any of this stuff works without issue yet when it comes to flight simulation...thus so many threads discussing problems. The flip side is it appears to work pretty good on regular games which have really caught my attention lately. Flight Sim is great but it seems like right now we are all dealing with what we have already built up plus a new sim that is still in flux with updates and waiting for developers to produce scenery and airports...here we go again, or not! My P3D 4.5 is stable and no more updated, that is good! MSFS2020 well time will tell.
  4. Yeah I am sorta thinking the same about the "Other Forum" sorta tired of whats happening over there myself. Pretty much threw my brother on a train and stayed in Hostels and we partied are buts off! My brother lives in Darmstadt-Arheilgen (Biker-Harley). We hit Frankfurt for some night crawling, Heidelberg to make the wives happy, (drank the new wine)! Then we got rid of the wives and took off for Dresden, then Berlin and Hamburg. Next, we hopped over to Amsterdam then down to Brussels and also went to Prague while in Dresden. Wurzburg, Nuremberg of course Munich then slid on down to Salzburg the last night of Oktoberfest. There were other cities we hit and it was the funniest time I have had in a very long time! As soon as this stupid covid is gone and travel restrictions are gone I'll be on the first plane back! Still so much to see and do, I did get a chance to go to the Eagles Nest that was fantastic! Good to hear from you Nedo hope you are doing well!
  5. That G2 is sounding pretty good when you also consider clarity: Good info Nedo! Hey Nedo have not seen you over at the, "Other Forum; ORBX", I myself am sorta staying away from there for the present time. I actually just cancelled my pre-order of the G2 today! The reason I did that is I believe there will be better options coming very soon. You nailed it with the hand/finger tracking of the Index an all around word not allowed good VR setup! I'm sorta thinking the recent changes and new headsets coming up such as the G2 are great in clarity but lack in several other areas! I'm watching eye tracking and several other things coming up and really don't think I'm going to jump in yet. This won't be my first headset but Im still proceeding slowly before pulling the plug to purchase, HP almost had me then something said don't do it, wait a little more. Bye the way I was just over in Germany last year this time, my brother lives there, can't wait to go back!
  6. That G2 is sounding pretty good when you also consider clarity: Good info Nedo!
  7. DJJose you are right sir, the future is bright and there will be many choices coming. As for now I have plenty in the basket with Prepare and X-Plane to keep me busy.
  8. Quote from JV; "This means you can count on two OLC regions in your hands well before Xmas"! Thanks a lot JV we can sure count on your word, Lucky for us, "your customer" we are not under any contract either! "It is what it is" very arrogant and disrespectful to those that have supported you. Thank goodness your company does have some very talented developers. You certainly could of approached this announcement much much better. I think this is why many developers remain silent about future projects, so as not to build up hype. Where I come from a man is only as good as his word.
  9. I am reading now that Prepar has to do an update because of Global, and just read that all regions have duplicate weather files that are going to be reworked over the next 2 weeks! I would say a pretty big mess has been made and frustration is beginning to really show in the customer base with these compounding issues. This has really made me think about where I am with all of this considering all of the programs purchased will not work properly unless Central is up to par: which it is not! As someone mentioned earlier you should not need a 3rd party program to get Central right. That said 3rd party programs are a great option and do great things for organizing.It is unfortunate that if Central does not do what it was designed for, ( load outside of the sim) then this is all for nothing! Worse is that the purchased programs can only be used if other programs such as Global are purchased, unlike other 3rd party programs that will work straight out of the gate with whatever sim is used. Microsoft is breathing down heavy on their new sim and if it is anything like the pictures show it will be great. Having a sim that does it all, priceless!
  10. You could win the contest but if your having issues with the "New Central" you cannot use what you just won🚫👴
  11. I, I, I does not help me, me, me; on hold until it's all sorted out with Vector working and the ability to install Global outside the sim. Reading the forums today it appears that more tweaking is being done by the developers: it will get there!
  12. Even if you migrated, Vector is still a mess, I know they are working hard on this but for me I will wait this one out for now. You are correct Ed it is a complete mess. I am flying on a vanilla P3Dv4 sim for now and the FPS is through the roof and the scenery yuk! lol!
  13. Or in my case with 1 click I uninstalled Central and all of ORBX, truth is it was more than 1 click lol. I just finished a new build so I did not transfer from FTX Central to the New Central. What I did notice was the New Central had very very fast download speed for fresh install, it was impressive. What was not so impressive were the insertion points, they appeared to be dead. I downloaded 4 regions and 2 airports just to test and yes everything worked as it should flying wise but something was off on the ground texture and 1 runway they appeared to lack definition, ( they looked washed out and sorta blurry). So at the time I did not install vector as I understood it does not work for XML. Global was installed and NA L/C. Anyway could not get the insertion points to work, was not able to change scenery order so said to heck with it and uninstalled it all! Everyday ORBX messes with this is a day they will lack sales, their loss not mine. This move by ORBX will cause me to enjoy, X-Plane with no add-ons, and DCS World with all the add-ons. Sad this was not thought out better, shame on an early release and forcing the entire community to be Beta Testers!
  14. Simbol, I am floored by that flight simulator and your graphics are over the top good! Beautiful setup for sure. May I ask what aircraft you were piloting and what city you were flying in? Really enjoyed watching your video, now you have my undivided attention in wanting to learn more from experts such as yourself! Just downloaded P3Dv4.5 2 days ago and am in the process of re-installing payware. Thanks again for the nicely done video.
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