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  1. thanks for your reply.i follow your word to edit my user.lua.it is worked perfectly. i try to study actions.lua,but it is too difficult for me.i found a lot of functions,most of them is "ON,OFF,TOGGLE".i can understand what they mean.but another one is "SHOW",i set one switch to NGX_PACK_L_show,but when i operate the switch,it does not any change in my P3D.what does the "SHOW" means?when do i use the "SHOW" function?
  2. for example,i put a switch from postion up to down on my warthog throttle,in NGXu,both air condition pack can trun on or trun off at the same time. in default situation,1 switch can mapping 1 function only.how to 1 switch maping 2 functions? sorry for my poor english.i hope someone can understand me:)
  3. i bought the CP on 31th July,but i made a mistake to install VFXCentral on my work notebook for comfirm.When i back home,install the VFXCentral on my PC,and ready to install the CP,the VFXCentral note me"Maximum Number of computers",so i sent the activation reset request on the support page,but it passed 48 hours,i didn't receive any reply,and the CP can not installs yet. so,could you deal the request about activation reset?i will very glad for that.thx
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