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  1. CHPL reports conflicting assignments. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1KeGH98P9CjlkR8oNHe5unIQdbT2qyiNH But actually none of them (numpad keys, C, ....) is associated to any sim action (defaults were already removed in advance as soon I created each assignment). https://drive.google.com/open?id=1xOtcVu4d38ehseXnQepAPxYWkJHbJh7Z https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zSblVw_bphR3TiL6U8MZrWIWfWxF8tjh Not a severe issue as everything works fine without conflicts but probably something corrupted within CHPL?
  2. Hi Oliver Indeed after removing those corrupted folders I was able to run it again. Thank your very much for your reply, this tool is simply essential, a lifesaver for any p3d user.
  3. No sure what happened but after a power outage when I was running the AddOnOrgabnizer at home now the AddonOrganizer cannot start anymore. Reinstalled&rebooted multiple times and removed any file I was aware of (its temp/backup for instance), is there anythig I can do? There is no log or else to analyze, simply when I launch it (as admin) nothing actually happens (probably the process is immediately aborted and cannot be seen in the running processes within the task manager), no errors is displayed.
  4. There is another post about this issue and I can confirm you that I am observing the same problem (unable to move up/down in static views) with latest udpates. I am pretty sure Keven will fix it soon.
  5. Yes, with lastest update cannot move up/down in static views.
  6. OMG, your support is terrific! Indeed this annoying bug was wiped out with the latest build. Thank you very much again Oliver!
  7. I can create empty groups but can't populate any of them. As soon as I hit the Submit button I get an unhandled exception, here the relevant excerpt ************** Testo dell'eccezione ************** System.NullReferenceException: Riferimento a un oggetto non impostato su un'istanza di oggetto. in P3DV4AddonOrganizer.MainDialog.PopulateGroupTree() in System.Windows.Forms.Form.OnFormClosed(FormClosedEventArgs e) in System.Windows.Forms.Form.WmClose(Message& m) in System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.Callback(IntPtr hWnd, Int32 msg, IntPtr wparam, IntPtr lparam) This is a pretty fresh installation with a very few add-on sceneries added so far. V 1.34 b06 Did I miss something? Any prerequisite? Thanks in advance to the creator of this amazing tool.
  8. I subscribe to what you said, it would be more convenient.
  9. v 0.4.65 seems to work fine, no more crashes for me and the bottom hotcorner in the middle is almost ok, I find mid top/bottom hotcorners to have less tolerance than expected, you have to stay right on then centre location. Thanks Keven for your prompt commitment, you do care about your customers, this is a very positive attitude.
  10. It crashed just a couple of times that way but actually the bottom centre view does not work at all.
  11. Why not giving a try with CCleaner, there is an embedded tool that usually finds programs with automatic startup then you can disable or delete the unwanted entry. To be honest I've never experienced that.
  12. The user manual recommends to set to High the Special Effects Details slider. This is the very first time I have to change it from medium default. Based on your tests what is the trade-off with fps decrease on a hig-end gaming PC (5930k Oc'ed, GTX 1080, 16 GB RAM @2800)? Can you specify which effects won't be rendered as expected if I shift the slider back one notch?
  13. Latest 0.3.1 beta exp. fixed it. The best, quickest and kindest support I've ever dealt with.
  14. As stated above, already sent to CHPL support my crashlog. Basically the infamous "It looks like something unexpected happened ..." error shows up as soon as I click on Preferences. The log reports an exception for "The specified key does not exist in the dictionary", I guess the root cause is something broken on the interaction between their servers and the client application. I hope they will soon fix as being unable to set preferences makes CHPL 0.3.0 beta unserviceable.
  15. It's the Cinematic view. You can disable it in your CHPL preferences if you don't like when it's triggered automatically (I guess it happens by default over 18000 ft); you might want to set even two shortucts/key to activate/deactivate it.
  16. Tested in several payware airports, mapping now is ok for the standings at gates but not the runways. En example: @Flightbeam KIAD there's runway 1C/19C but no such an entry within Chaseplane.
  17. This still occurs even with the latest 0.2.92 update, basically most of my payware airports (AS, FSDT, FBEAM) are not scanned properly, even if I thought it was fixed in the previous 0.2.91 (release notes reports 'Issue where sceneries would not scan correctly in some situations. Regenerate Airport Data from the preferences if you have any issues'). Not a deal breaker but rather annoying (I recall it happend sometimes even in V3.4).
  18. Single 27'' monitor, fullHD, this annoying bug is back again and even worse after it was sorted out in the latest releases. CHPL now is nearly unserviceable with the MMB, no matter if you set to windowed or full window mode. In any case thanks again for your prompt commitment Keven.
  19. Last update: don't know why but after some more restarts and a lot of patience now it seems to work most times, Basically the last update sorted it out. And it's ok even if the view selector shows up on the border, the incomplete popup I mentioned in my previous post was just my oversight (the main popup lies outside the dislpay limits in that case). The only thing that is still not ok for me is the option to use the RMB to pan&tilt (I like the Xplane approach), doing that and disabling the MMB to pan&tilt will completely inactivate the MMB.
  20. Better than before but still very unstable even in 0.1.710, most times the popup does not show up. I'm flying with P3dv3, latest patches. The mouse middle button trigger has never been absolutely perfect but in previous releases used to work fine most times. Basically if the mouse pointer is in the middle of the graphics window (P3D running in windowed mode) the view selector will never be triggered (except for a very few times) while sometimes it works when the mouse is over the edges; the problem to activate it when over the window borders is that usually I keep the P3D window at full screen (not Alt+Enter) and that way if the view selector shows up on the right border the views end up outside the display and I cannot select them. Moreover when doing that (launching the view selector when mouse is over a border) the view selector is incomplete, just On-Board, Outside and Static are actually listed (all other options are missing). One more: in the view selector popup the airport static views are no more listed, the Static group has got no view and I have to use the full ChasePlane window to find and activate them, but since I haven't flied in the latest weeks I am not sure that previous release listed the current airport views. Last issue: if I set the RMB preference to pan&tilt and disable the MMB preference to pan&tilt (assuming that doing so there will be no issue with the MMB, set just to trigger the view selector) the MMB will be completely inactive. BTW: still a fantastic application but I wouldn't have spent time to implement things like the droppable objects, better to make more robust, capable and enjoyable the basic functions.
  21. Same problem here, MB view selector does not trigger anymore the popup tool, not sure when this started but I feel it was even before the latest 0.1.704 update.
  22. Since in the past I had problems with the XBOX wireless controller (interferes with my wi-fi, killing my internet connection) and as there are a lot of excellent gamepad controllers available (wireless, of course, e.g. the Logitech F710) I'd like to know if they will work fine with CHPL too.
  23. Me too, installed and removed twice, worst purchase of last year. Tool badly designed.
  24. I can uderstand that since it is a unique model the proifile should be shared between P3d and FSX, in my case it's just a way to freely experiment on different platform with different set-ups. However no problem to deal with a single shared profile.
  25. I'm going to purchase the P3d release of the A320x (I was already an happy user of the fsx version) and I need to know how Chaseplane manages two concurrent installations of the same plane, in other words will the p3d and the fsx versions inherit and share the same chaseplane profile or will chaseplane allow the user to have 2 separate profiles for each version? IMHO it would be better that 2 different profiles are allowed.
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