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  1. Have people forgotten the old quip, Airbus was built on the wings of Boeing? And the 747Fs carry crates with woodpigeon stencilled on them. Ladies and gentlemen we’ve been flying Airbus parts for PMDG the past 10 years!
  2. Is it sad that I haven't gotten this beauty yet?:( Mr Robert, I will work for PMDG for the rest of my life for a copy of the Queen for P3D. Clearly I don't know how the world works.
  3. Decided to compile a list of repaints by third-party repainters for easy reference. If repainters would like to contribute here, do drop me a PM or drop a post with the link to your paint and I'll add it in: 747-400(PW): 747-400(RR): 747-400(GE): 747-400ER: 747-400M: 747-400D: 747-400F: 747-400BCF: 747-400ERF:
  4. Just had a look, and I'm in love. Can't wait to see what magic you can do with the QOTS!
  5. Hope a Singapore Airlines Cargo is in the "2 or 3 liveries they missed" :wink: *9V-SFQ cough cough*
  6. PMDG 747 QOTS II "Pilot" forum sig: http://i65.tinypic.com/1hxz6d.png
  7. It's alright mate, I backed up into a fire extinguisher two months back. Mum says if I don't pay her back for the repairs I don't get to borrow the car.... I haven't driven for two months.
  8. I'm surprised the pogostick wasn't in the feature list. #neverforget
  9. Guys, guys, calm down. If your favourite liveries aren't included in the release, someone will DEFINITELY do them. We have the likes of Steve hanging around these parts waiting to pounce once the Queen is out!
  10. I'm literally gonna spend the first day of it just playing with the nose door of the 400F
  11. Yes, 3 years of patience has led us to this single week. Can't wait to get in the 400F! P.S: Mate full names in the forums please!
  12. IIRC, I saw one screenie a while back that showed the Queen on the ground with all her gear doors open- as if she was in maintenance. Can anyone educate me on what function that is?
  13. Just reinstalled WIII into 3.2 and getting the same yellow poly issue. Any help?
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