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  1. Andrew, thank you for clarifying this change and all the work you've done supporting the CRJ Pro. -Tom
  2. After some additional looking it turns out that there is no ASCRJ_ELEC_EXTPWR_ON and OFF function in the CRJ Aircraft Module. However, the ASCRJ_ELEC_GPU_toggle function toggles the AC AVAIL and AC IN USE button on the overhead panel. The following bit of code can be added to your User Module in order to assign a toggle function to your button. After i added the code clip using the LINDA Editor, I had to restart LINDA to get it to work. Best of luck, I'll try to assist if you have questions. -Tom function ASCRJ_ELEC_GPU_on () local Lvar = "ASCRJ_ELEC_GPU" local Lvar1 = "ASCRJ_ELEC_GPU_ANIM" local state = ipc.readLvar(Lvar) _loggg('[ACRJ] state = ' .. state) if state == 0 then ipc.writeLvar(Lvar, 1) ipc.writeLvar(Lvar1, 5) ipc.sleep(100) ipc.writeLvar(Lvar1, 3) end DspShow("ExtP", "on") end function ASCRJ_ELEC_GPU_off () local Lvar = "ASCRJ_ELEC_GPU" local Lvar1 = "ASCRJ_ELEC_GPU_ANIM" local state = ipc.readLvar(Lvar) _loggg('[ACRJ] state = ' .. state) if state == 1 then ipc.writeLvar(Lvar, 0) ipc.writeLvar(Lvar1, 5) ipc.sleep(100) ipc.writeLvar(Lvar1, 0) end DspShow("ExtP", "off") end function ASCRJ_ELEC_GPU_toggle () local Lvar = "ASCRJ_ELEC_GPU" local state = ipc.readLvar(Lvar) if state == 0 then ASCRJ_ELEC_GPU_on () else ASCRJ_ELEC_GPU_off () end end
  3. Additional information: When I use the Trace feature I receive the following error message in the LINDA Console when I switch the button: [E] *** LUA Error: linda/aircrafts/Aerosoft CRJ/actions.lua:1785: attempt to concatenate local 'state' (a nil value)
  4. Hello Community! After installing the upgraded AeroSoft CRJ Pro product I noticed that one of my button assignments was not working. The ASCRJ_ELEC_EXTPWR_ON and OFF did not seem to work once it was assigned to a button. All the other electrical panel button assignments work fine. I saw that there was a Aerosoft CRJ 700-900 and Pro Module ver 1.0 (2 Dec 19) update so I followed the instructions and updated the files (no beta folders need to be deleted). Again, all other button assignments work fine and I see the button selection changing in LINDA Joystick area when switching the button on/off. Anyone have any suggestions about what I'm doing wrong? Thanks, Tom
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