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  1. Hi Folks, I got this problem too. 737 and 777 is fine, but 747 gets Prepar3D V4.2 to crash. But changing to 747 from any other airplane, with prepar3d already loaded, is fine. That's the only issue for now. Raphael Dias
  2. Hi Guys, It's noticeable that it has been a long time that VA is out of stock. And there's a topic saying that they would launch a new product: Radios Whats going on? I got myself the mcp and i wonder that one day I'll have the rest. Raphael Dias
  3. Hello, It did work for me with MCP and Android apps (777 and 737). But I had to select the aircraft myself in control panel. It selects Default and it is not showing the corrected Software. I have Prepar3D V4 but it shows FSX Steam. Raphael Dias
  4. Thanks Chris! I will wait for simmarket since not updated yet. Raphael Dias
  5. Hi, How to update? I bought from simmarket. Thanks Raphael Dias
  6. Price is another topic :) I think they overcharge Prepar3D since there is a new version every year it seems. But business is business. That's their decision. Our community is small and there is a lot of piracy. I don't like to re-download either, but let's be patient. They said the OC 2.0 is coming and this large updates is about to end. Raphael Dias
  7. I suggest who are complaining for re-downloading, just don't. PMDG does a great job doing updates, since others are charging full price for this as FS2CREW (ok 5 bucks off for v4). I love when they do this, because the product is up to date. Different from others, you buy and never get refresh or/and stay buggy. Raphael Dias
  8. Hey Guys I am not anglophone, I may use wrong words. I didn't mean to offend anyone. It is just about opinion and I agree with some and others don't. But that's ok. Some might think no big deal 30 bucks, others do. The main work is done. I know converting to 64-bit might be trick and envolve time and capitalism world has jobs and money intrinsic. That's why I thought it would be an upgrade fee for the conversion/adaptation (for existing owners of course), not full price 'cause this is not a whole new product. Well, keep the good work. I appreciate FS2Crew work, since I do have their for 737 and 777 for Prepar3D v3. And yes, real thing is pricy, that's why I think my money is worth saving. I save for the real flight. Well, it is still disappointing but that's life and move on. Who knows I gain some bucks on poker as suggested. Let's fly simmers.
  9. Hi I just wanna state that no upgrade fee option and charging for a full product, just recompiled to 64-bit product doesn't feel fair. e.g.: PMDG Aircrafts are just way beyond complex program and giant files consuming their CDN charges for redownloading their products, it has been free upgrade. Disappointed. I know there's some stuff to do for this to work, but full price is nonsense.
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