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  1. That's why Boeing is able to offer significant discounts on the 737 models and still maintain profitability. Cash-Cow 😉
  2. Reinstalling the PMDG 737 with the 2011 AIRAC cycle solved the problem. Will see what happens after an update...
  3. Thanks, Walter! Unfortunately deleting the ARPT_RWY.dat may work only for 777/747 which use the database. There's no such file in the 737NGX Navdata folder. Next, I'll backup and delete Navdata and/or SIDSTARS folders and see if that gets rebuilt and will fix the issue.
  4. Thanks for the response, Walter! Installed the freeware SEQM scenery by Carlyle Sharpe, but that did not solve the problem with the old Quito SEQU Airport. Then I tried the "SEQU for PMDG database" by Corina Meyer which helped to add some navaids but failed to add the runway and SID/STARSs for SEQU. Funny because I edited/added the files which contain the rwy coordinates and SID/STARs to the respective folders (wpNavAPT and SIDSTAR folder) + run the MakeRwys app , to no avail. The same message SEQU err:17 Rwy N/A appears in the RTE page and no RWY or SID/STARS are available for the old airport. Of course, I'm still able to fly the VOR/DME approach and then tune ILS frq. for rwy 35 and land, but I'm curious whether this issue can be fixed.
  5. Resurrecting the thread. I'm getting the "SEQU err: 17 rwy N/A" message in the 737NG FMC when selecting SEQU in the position page. No SID/STARs available either. I modified the NAVDATA and SIDSTARS files as instructed here and in the manual. Is this normal for a defunct airport?
  6. Under Windows Update there should be an option to roll back the update. I think that within 10 days after the update you can roll back using this option. I think PMDG messed up their latest update (v1.20.8465) a bit. For example, the update includes the "Correct top-of-nose texture viewed from VC" which does not look that correct at all, at least on my FSX version - see my forum entry: Vortex generators disappeared? However, I was assured that PMDG will address this issues in the future update. They are currently busy with the 747-8 project though.
  7. I updated to the version 1709 and then rolled back. Under "update history" I can only see that the Update Windows 10, Version 1709 failed to install and requires restart to finish installing. There is no mention of the forced update on Dec 20... Hope there will be a fix soon.
  8. According to PMDG support the fix will be included in a future update.
  9. @ Vortex generators on the nose: Any ideas?
  10. Thanks Dan! Yes, there are 10 small vortex generators above the radome and just below the windshield. See here: https://youtu.be/QsMIv4_-bHk http://www.airliners.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=765853 Martin Rojo
  11. Hi, 1.after installing the latest updates (version 1.20.8465 for FSX), which include the correct top of nose texture viewed from VC, I noticed that the vortex generators on the nose disappeared and are no longer visible from VC. Also noticed some other things, for pictures see the link below. Is this Normal? https://www.dropbox.com/sh/kak814elia2iwij/AABDvqkghMcH6cwadFSpseyka?dl=0 2. When I check the FMC Menu for the Version it states Version 1.1. Is this normal too? I appreciate any help you can provide Best Martin Rojo
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