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  1. joshuadouch

    Making own LUA module - action not executing

    Ahh thank you!!
  2. Here is my first LINDA module for the IRIS Grob 115E (Tutor). I made this as I am starting a simulator project at my local Air Training Corps. Installation: 1. Download and unzip 2. Copy the 'Modules' folder into your FSX/P3D folder e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\ 3. Overwrite if it asks Download from my website:
  3. Hello! I hope somebody who knows a bit about making modules can help! I have the IRIS Grob 115E Evaluation aircraft in P3D and I wanted to make a module for it. I went into the tracer and found the Lvar, SW_STROBE_LIGHTS. I clicked the toggle button in the tracer and it switched on. I now wanted to make that into a module. I made an aircraft inside the aircraft folder called 'test' I also did this in the linda-cfg. In my ident.lua I put simfolder="test" and in my actions.lua I put: -- ## Lower Panel ########## function strobeon () ipc.writeLvar("SW_STROBE_LIGHTS", 1) end function strobeoff () ipc.writeLvar("SW_STROBE_LIGHTS", 0) end I then assigned it to a button in LINDA and saved. I then went to test it but it did not work. I reloaded, restarted and nothing happens... I also do not know how to make it so when you click FSX Sync it knows the aircraft you are in, instead of just saying FSX Default. Thank you! ------ Oops! and 2 minutes after posting this I get it working! After getting the FSX Sync thing working then reloading it worked! Sorry! ----
  4. joshuadouch

    Alabeo DA42 module request.

    Hello, I am looking at buying a DA42 for use in P3D but was only going to do so if there was a way for me to interface my buttons/switches with it. I do not know which DA42 I was going to buy although I was looking at the Alabeo one. Therefore, I was going to see if anyone would be kind enough to make a LINDA module? Thank you!
  5. joshuadouch

    Range Check Error LINDA 2.6.7

    Is that 12 as in midday or 12 midnight. Just wondering no rush though. Thank you
  6. joshuadouch

    Range Check Error LINDA 2.6.7

    Okay! Great thank you! Screenshot below! (
  7. joshuadouch

    Range Check Error LINDA 2.6.7

    I do not think I have ever had more than one window open on P3D? What should I do? Is reinstalling P3D the only thing I can do? I have already done so 4 times because of different issues when I first got P3D! Thanks
  8. joshuadouch

    Range Check Error LINDA 2.6.7

    I have already tried with all controllers but saitek. Done and emailed.
  9. joshuadouch

    Range Check Error LINDA 2.6.7

    P3Dv3 (I think it is v3.1?) Yes I did have it working with FSX and I tested it working when I first installed P3D but before installing my addons so my addons must be causing the issue. I have: - Ezdok - Fsdreamteam GSX - FSUIPC I will attempt to start P3D with nothing else then email you. Thanks. Started with nothing else except FSUIPC and still all same issues. Emailing now. Thanks
  10. joshuadouch

    Range Check Error LINDA 2.6.7

    Thank you, sadly I still get the error with 2.6.7. The numbers are also not highlighted and I assigned one of my buttons to pushback back in the baron 58 and still nothing :( My FSUIPC4 paid is in there as far as I can see, should I try uninstalling fsuipc and reinstalling it? Last time I just reinstalled without uninstalling. Thanks!
  11. joshuadouch

    Range Check Error LINDA 2.6.7

    I do not know if this helps but when I start P3D with LINDA open, I get an error message about simconnect from Ezdok. This only happens when LINDA is open to begin with? Thanks
  12. joshuadouch

    Range Check Error LINDA 2.6.7

    I do not remember you sending me a test build, the only issue I have ever had is how to install on P3D. Which I did not realize was the same as FSX. Thanks
  13. joshuadouch

    Range Check Error LINDA 2.6.7

    This is not my first time using it. Well I have never used it long term but a while ago I tested a button for my overhead panel then when I get P3D i tested again. Both worked fine then. Now a couple of months on without using P3D or LINDA at all I finally completed my overhead panel but when I tried to use it I get the error. 1. Ver 2.6.8 (147) (But in the title bar it says 2.6.3? (2.6.3 v2)) 2. Aerosoft Airbus 4.3 3. P3D v3 4. A318/319/320/321 5. I get the error when opening LINDA.exe then get the error when I attempt to exit but it refuses to exit. Does not highlight button no. when pressed and even when I assign a known button no. to a function it does not work. 6. Read 5. 7. Nothing happens in the console after reload after *** START *** Thank you, I hope this helps.
  14. joshuadouch

    Range Check Error LINDA 2.6.7

    Whenever I open LINDA I get an error saying Range Check Error. This also occurs when I try to exit. LINDA also does not function (when I press a button it does not press it in P3D when assigned) It also does not highlight the button number. I have seen other articles but their solutions have not fixed mine. I have tried: - Fresh install of LINDA and FSUIPC Thank you very much. LINDA 2.6.3 v2 has not solved my issue.
  15. joshuadouch

    How do I install LINDA for P3D?

    Ah yes! Sorry I installed LINDA a while ago so forgot that it wasnt an installer! Thanks.