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  1. Ahh thank you!!
  2. Here is my first LINDA module for the IRIS Grob 115E (Tutor). I made this as I am starting a simulator project at my local Air Training Corps. Installation: 1. Download and unzip 2. Copy the 'Modules' folder into your FSX/P3D folder e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\ 3. Overwrite if it asks Download from my website:
  3. Hello! I hope somebody who knows a bit about making modules can help! I have the IRIS Grob 115E Evaluation aircraft in P3D and I wanted to make a module for it. I went into the tracer and found the Lvar, SW_STROBE_LIGHTS. I clicked the toggle button in the tracer and it switched on. I now wanted to make that into a module. I made an aircraft inside the aircraft folder called 'test' I also did this in the linda-cfg. In my ident.lua I put simfolder="test" and in my actions.lua I put: -- ## Lower Panel ########## function strobeon () ipc.writeLvar("SW_STROBE_LIGHTS", 1) end function strobeoff () ipc.writeLvar("SW_STROBE_LIGHTS", 0) end I then assigned it to a button in LINDA and saved. I then went to test it but it did not work. I reloaded, restarted and nothing happens... I also do not know how to make it so when you click FSX Sync it knows the aircraft you are in, instead of just saying FSX Default. Thank you! ------ Oops! and 2 minutes after posting this I get it working! After getting the FSX Sync thing working then reloading it worked! Sorry! ----
  4. Hello, I am looking at buying a DA42 for use in P3D but was only going to do so if there was a way for me to interface my buttons/switches with it. I do not know which DA42 I was going to buy although I was looking at the Alabeo one. Therefore, I was going to see if anyone would be kind enough to make a LINDA module? Thank you!
  5. Is that 12 as in midday or 12 midnight. Just wondering no rush though. Thank you
  6. Okay! Great thank you! Screenshot below! (
  7. I do not think I have ever had more than one window open on P3D? What should I do? Is reinstalling P3D the only thing I can do? I have already done so 4 times because of different issues when I first got P3D! Thanks
  8. I have already tried with all controllers but saitek. Done and emailed.
  9. P3Dv3 (I think it is v3.1?) Yes I did have it working with FSX and I tested it working when I first installed P3D but before installing my addons so my addons must be causing the issue. I have: - Ezdok - Fsdreamteam GSX - FSUIPC I will attempt to start P3D with nothing else then email you. Thanks. Started with nothing else except FSUIPC and still all same issues. Emailing now. Thanks
  10. Thank you, sadly I still get the error with 2.6.7. The numbers are also not highlighted and I assigned one of my buttons to pushback back in the baron 58 and still nothing :( My FSUIPC4 paid is in there as far as I can see, should I try uninstalling fsuipc and reinstalling it? Last time I just reinstalled without uninstalling. Thanks!
  11. I do not know if this helps but when I start P3D with LINDA open, I get an error message about simconnect from Ezdok. This only happens when LINDA is open to begin with? Thanks
  12. I do not remember you sending me a test build, the only issue I have ever had is how to install on P3D. Which I did not realize was the same as FSX. Thanks
  13. This is not my first time using it. Well I have never used it long term but a while ago I tested a button for my overhead panel then when I get P3D i tested again. Both worked fine then. Now a couple of months on without using P3D or LINDA at all I finally completed my overhead panel but when I tried to use it I get the error. 1. Ver 2.6.8 (147) (But in the title bar it says 2.6.3? (2.6.3 v2)) 2. Aerosoft Airbus 4.3 3. P3D v3 4. A318/319/320/321 5. I get the error when opening LINDA.exe then get the error when I attempt to exit but it refuses to exit. Does not highlight button no. when pressed and even when I assign a known button no. to a function it does not work. 6. Read 5. 7. Nothing happens in the console after reload after *** START *** Thank you, I hope this helps.
  14. Whenever I open LINDA I get an error saying Range Check Error. This also occurs when I try to exit. LINDA also does not function (when I press a button it does not press it in P3D when assigned) It also does not highlight the button number. I have seen other articles but their solutions have not fixed mine. I have tried: - Fresh install of LINDA and FSUIPC Thank you very much. LINDA 2.6.3 v2 has not solved my issue.
  15. Ah yes! Sorry I installed LINDA a while ago so forgot that it wasnt an installer! Thanks.