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  1. Is it possible to use TileProxy on P3D v3.1? If so, is there a guide? On the website it sais it's only available for FS9 and FSX. Would love to try it out, but not sure if it has a big effect on RAM and fps...
  2. Thanks you helped me alot. So best thing to do is now to delete the post? I don't want to break the rules.
  3. Hi everybody, Since this is the most popular forum for flight simming (i guess), I'll annoy y'all with my questions! I currently own FSX for a few year now i've tweaked it alot and enjoy it every day, BUT i've heared P3D v3 is really good. So I'm now considering to purchase P3D but I've got some questions about it. Looked some up on the interwebs but you know how people can respond... So: -Is it worth purchasing? -Should I buy Acadamic or Professional, and are their alot of differences? (I'm undergraduate) -Which of the two is better optimized? (runs smoother) -Can you really 'convert' some addons over? Thanks for the responds!
  4. Hello everybody, I'm a bit tired of flying the big commercial jets. Since my current VA only allows some specific aircraft types, I need to find another VA (for prop planes)... Does anyone know some 'active' bushflying VA, or just an Airliner that allows Cessna,Mooney,Beechcraft,etc Thanks
  5. Sorry for this useless post everybody, i hope it will help for further google searches by other people... The Registry repair program has a pré-set Path in it's program, wich is for most the same and for other different (since some might want to install fsx on another place.). So i just changed the Path in a notepad. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\microsoft games\flight simulator\10.0] "LangID"=dword:00000409 "SetupPath"="D:\\Steam\\steamapps\\common\\FSX" Don't forget the double backslash! Save the notepad as "yourfilename".reg on you desktop. Run it, and done
  6. Hello Today i did a fresh install of FSX (because it was a mess with all the "useless" addons). I tried the pmdg installer again, but everytime I start it, it sais it: unable to locate fsx.exe, unable to install. I tried FS_Registry_repair, but it did not work... The only thing diffrent from my other install is that i changed fsx from my c: drive to my d: drive... How can i fix this issue? Or do i need to install again, but back on my c: drive? Thank you
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