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  1. Hi, the product page states, that the Global FO Voice Set is included in the FS2Crew Main product but i can only select four regions (EU, AU, US1 and UK1)!? I loved the other ones from the old voice pack - how can i use them? Thanks and best regards Florian
  2. Hi guys, will the Virtual CDU for the PMDG 747 also work with the 747-8 which will (probably) be released today? Thanks in advance and best regards Florian
  3. Same here! Everytime while starting the engines. I reinstalled the 747 and used the default "LONG" panel state but had no luck.
  4. Works like a charm! Thank you very much for your effort and your support!
  5. Yes - that still works! Thanks for your help and keep up the amazing work!
  6. I updated FSUIPC and Linda but unfortunately it doesn't work: Linda Module: FS Labs A320 (Version 0.7b) Prepar3D FS Labs A320X FSUIPC 5.121c I now turned on the verbose log, here are the links to the log files: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4qrud7agpgisek0/FSUIPC5.log?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/rgrhihd43f3m6ql/linda2.log?dl=0 Thanks!
  7. I'm currently at work but will try to test it in the evening! Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the beta! Unfortunately it doesn't work for me (just loaded up the A320X directly). Linda Module: FS Labs A320 (Version 0.7b) Prepar3D FS Labs A320X FSUIPC 5.121b Here is the link to the FSUIPC5.log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4qrud7agpgisek0/FSUIPC5.log?dl=0 I noticed that you're talking about FSUIPC 5.121c but i've 5.121b installed (the latest version from http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.html).
  9. This works perfectly (i've selected the Piper Cub first and then switched to the A320X). Strange...
  10. Yes - i thought it might be because of the new location of the files! Thank you for your support!
  11. No problem - thanks for your help!
  12. Hi, today i installed the Update for the A320X (P3D v4.1) and unfortunately Linda doesn't seem to work with the new version. I installed the latest profile and Linda seems to find it (Its preselected in the dropdown near the sync button) but the connection to the aircraft doesn't seem to work (Linda recognizes my buttons and switches but nothing happens in the aircraft). I also recognized that my VRInsight Combo says "Linda Init... FSX Default" instead of the actual name of the aircraft. I'm using the Hotas Warthog + Throttle and the VRInsight Boeing Combo II (None of the devices are working). FSUIPC is updated. It worked perfectly in P3D v3 and it also works with the PMDG 737 in 4.1. Are you aware of the issue or have an idea? Thanks in advance and best regards Florian
  13. Hi guys, i finally found what was causing the issues for me: It was the GeForce Experience "Share in-game overlay". This feature was enabled (although i never enabled it - i think this came with an driver update some weeks/months ago, but i'm not totally sure). After i disabled it in the Geforce Experience application everything works well and i'm unable to reproduce the issues. Here you can find some information about how to disable it: http://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/4228/~/how-to-disable-the-geforce-experience-share-in-game-overlay Best regards Florian
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