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  1. The option isn't on Nvidia Control Center to go to 60hz at the 4k resolutions, only the lower 1080p resolutions. I think I am currently running 1920x1080, at 59hz. 60hz give me stutters.
  2. Here is what I will try tonight: Nvidia Inspector Disabled Nvidia Control - "Prefer Maximum Performance" Texture_EXP set to 9, NOT 10 (See if this is still visually appealing at 4k) Untick "Use High Resolution Terrain Textures" in P3d World Settings Vsync On - Tripple Buffer On - Unlimited Frames 4xMSAA FXAA OFF Anisotropic 8x Filtering Resolution 2048-2048 Water Detail Medium From there, I'll adjust scenery settings. I would like to keep Dynamic Lighting, however, I've always kept dynamic reflections off
  3. A 1080TI makes a huge difference from the 1080? What are heaviest hitters on the GPU? Shaders, Texture_EXP? What else can I try adjusting. I want good visuals, as well as a smooth experience.
  4. Tried the above, set frames to unlimited, VSYNC but NO triple buffer... same issue Nvidia was set to default except for "Prefer Maximum Performance" - Same issue, frames hover around 30 for a few moments then drop to less than 5fps, whenever I change external views or start flying
  5. I went down to 4xMSAA. I also reset my Nvidia Inspector and NVC to defaults, but immediately changed to "Prefer Maximum Performance" I run Texture exp at 10. Does 9 make much of a visual difference at a 4k resolution on a 28foot monitor?
  6. I just bought a brand new 4K Samsung 28' monitor today in hopes of getting some buttery smooth frames at a higher resolution... My PC Specs, i7 6700 4.0, and Nvidia 1080, 32gigs DDR4 memory, liquid cooling etc. the good stuff :) I had some problems with micro stutters, and I heard that a 4k 30hz refresh rate monitor would make P3D Beautiful and smooth. Unfortunately, total opposite case for me... I load up the default F-22, at add on scenery KSEA... I have Vsync, and Triple buffering on. Smooth for a few seconds 30fps, then I switch views to spot plane and my frames hit 5fps OR LOWER, and they stay that way... So i turn off Vsync a triple buffer, same thing, 5fps or lower in any view, almost as if the sim is freezing momentarily. After trying a lot of different things, I'm basically using the same resolution as my old monitor, but on my new 4K capable monitor, which is depressing... I'd love to be able to take full advantage of high resolution. Any suggestions, or thoughts on why this might be happening? My system is totally capable, but I'm not sure why i'm having this issue? Any system or P3D settings you need, just ask. I feel like this can't be a P3D issue, but a system issue... Is my GPU overloading? I've used task manager to monitor CPU while experiencing 5fps or lower, and CPU usage is very low... surprisingly low actually. Thanks for your help!
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