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  1. Captains, I made a post on this a couple months back but I seem to have the problem again and the previous solution does not work. I cannot get my 3D night lighting to work in Orbx. Instead at night I just see the autogen houses slightly illuminate. I have tested many locations around the US and nowhere seems to work. I am using P3D v3.4 (I believe) with the latest release of ORBX FTX Global and FTX Central 2. Other addons I use include Active Sky Next, Rex Soft Clouds and a variety of airport scenery such as FSDT and Taxi2Gate. My PC specs are more than enough to run P3D, I usually get around 50 - 60 fps in cruise: 4790k @ 4.4 ghz GTX 950 SC 2GB 8GB DDR3 RAM Windows 10 Home 64 bit Thanks Freddie
  2. freddieclarke13

    Uk large airports scenery shading problem

    Hi Paul, Are you using any other sort of scenery? Orbx etc. Thanks Freddie
  3. freddieclarke13

    new pc setting

    Hey! I personally use NVIDIA inspector and love it. It seems to work nicely for anti aliasing. It helps to tweak your texture and shadow settings especially within Prepar3d. I hope you enjoy flying with your new machine. Freddie
  4. freddieclarke13

    Weird ground textures at dusk

    Hey! Not sure if I am looking at the right thing. Is this the box you are referring to? Freddie
  5. freddieclarke13

    O'hare airport scenery

    Right now, FSDreamTeam probably offers the best payware product for O'Hare. Sadly it is very outdated but they are working on a new version. Freddie
  6. freddieclarke13

    What is the best EGLL for P3D v3

    I can agree with Captain Z. UK2000 seems to perform better for me however Aerosoft's Mega Airport Heathrow has better textures and is more aesthetically pleasing in my opinion. It depends what you look for in your simulation. Bare in mind that London is often the most hard-hitting city on performance. As I said, there is no one better product overall, it just depends on your system and what you are looking for in a scenery. Freddie
  7. freddieclarke13

    flytampa amsterdam glitch

    Not sure what else to suggest. I am sure another AVSIM user will be able to assist you further. Good luck!
  8. freddieclarke13

    T2G EDDM textures issue

    Hey Michael! Do you use any other sort of scenery? Orbx etc. To me, this looks like it could a conflict between sceneries. Use your Windows Control Panel to completely uninstall Aerosoft Munich. It also looks like a possible conflict between day and night textures within the Taxi2Gate scenery. That unfortunately I do not know a fix for but I am sure another AVSIM user will. My advice for now is to uninstall both sceneries and reinstall just the Taxi2Gate. I will be glad to help you further. Good luck! Freddie
  9. freddieclarke13

    New scenery for Dubai

    That is good to hear. BOS is in need of some new scenery for P3D!
  10. freddieclarke13

    flytampa amsterdam glitch

    I had this exact issue. Be sure that you have to Amsterdam LC active and below the Amsterdam folder. Also above any Orbx etc. Also check that everything is configured properly within Orbx Vector. I personally do not use the product but have heard it can cause issues like this.
  11. freddieclarke13

    New scenery for Dubai

    Las Vegas is the next release from FlyTampa. Check their site!
  12. freddieclarke13

    No 3D Lights ORBX P3D

    Fixed! Messed around with the settings you suggested and it works! Thank you both for your help, means a lot!
  13. freddieclarke13

    No 3D Lights ORBX P3D

    Hello captains, In P3D, I have no 3D night lighting. I use ORBX Global, Open LC Europe and England. Any ideas? The autogen buildings just sort of glow. I will attach some screenshots. I had 3D lights in FSX but not in P3D. Thanks, Freddie
  14. freddieclarke13

    Help please! 747 cruise

    Yeah I think that was it. I stepped down to 330 and then moved up to 350 after losing some weight, PFPX must have screwed up the weights.