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  1. Any Updates for the FedEx livery ?
  2. As everybody currently sharing his thoughts about this Airport, I will too. First of all ... the scenery is not bad ... but it seems like its unfinished. Pro: -Nice textures -Working SODE jetways -"Cool" details (static ground services) lul Cons: -Bad Performance (Stuttering when changing views) -Extremley bad modelled dynamic lightning -No real night textures of the airport buildings -Most of the ground layout at the DHL ramp is completely missing (see below) -Quotation from the Skyline Simulations KCVG website: Ground Traffic in whole airport Randomly placed static aircraft none of the above features are included. DHL Terminal DHL Terminal Night Passenger Terminal, Daylight Passenger Terminal, Night At this time I would rather spent 25$ at Mc'Donalds than for this scenery. I hope this scenery gets an update ... Hope I helped to convince you not to buy this scenery ...
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