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  1. There was a typo in the path in my original post, path is C:\user\name\AppData\Roaming\HiFi\AS_XPL\Weather just updated to ASXP SP1 beta and no difference. Makes taking off and landing more interesting with a tail wind, anyone got this working?
  2. I'm using V2.5.0.7_x64 and pointing the Active Sky folder in the config to C:\user\name\AppData\HiFi\AS_XP\Weather. P2ATC is reporting the weather as Clear, Winds light and variable QNH 0000 which I assume means that it thinks something is available but not reading it correctly. I am also pointing LittleNavMap weather to the same folder for ASXP and it shows the correct weather matching ASXP. In the log file I see these errors: Error in XPWeather DecodMETARString 02/02/2019 21:44:23 System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Year, Month, and Day parameters describe an un-representable DateTime. at System.DateTime.DateToTicks(Int32 year, Int32 month, Int32 day) at System.DateTime..ctor(Int32 year, Int32 month, Int32 day, Int32 hour, Int32 minute, Int32 second, DateTimeKind kind) at P2A_2018.modP2AGlobals.GenerateMETARDateTimeFromString(String input, Int32 Yr, Int32 Mo) at P2A_2018.XPWeather.DecodeMETARString(String METARTimeStr, String METARStr)