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  1. Hi Alex Got it working :-) For some reason the SIM PC had changed back to Public network eventough i during initial setup did set it for Private network. br Lars
  2. LNM just shows connecting in the bottom line and after some time a pop up appears with info that connection was not possible. Logs send.
  3. Hi Alex Thanks for the response. Yes of course the IP has been changed to the new one ;-) Have now tried to run LNM locally on the SIM PC, and the connection here is fine. I think i read somewhere that the version numbers of the LNM components should be the same. I don't see 2.2.3 in the LNC app. br Lars
  4. Hi have been using LNM for a long time on a laptop and connecting to my desktop xp11 PC. Has always been working great. Now i have got a new PC for XP11 and i simply can't get the connection working. Started just moving my XP11 from old to new PC, including littelnavconnect. LNC connects fine to the SIM, also seen by reading the log file created. Tried with XP11.30RC3 and now R3(release) and 11.26 (this is a clean install, only updated with LNM plugin). Started with LNM 2.2.2 and now using 2.2.3. Plugin and LNC are also updated. Strange is that i have the same problem with AirManager, but Navigraph charts with Simlink is working fine. Skydemon on iPad and XP11 communication also works. Firewall is disabled on the LNM PC and SIM PC. Both PC's are Windows 10 1809. I'm quite lost now, so if anyone have some tips for what to check that would be highly appreciated :-) br Lars
  5. Hi Already have the 750, and will buy the 650. I hope I can run both at the same time? In case, do I need to have two trainer installations? And in case, same procedure as installing two different trainer versions? br Lars
  6. larsras05

    Does Garmin now charge for the Trainer?

    Thanks, wonder why Google wouldn't show me that now. Have been able to find that some time ago.
  7. Searching for the latest trainer, but only found one from dec. 2016 for download. However there were several links to Garmin selling the Trainer for $25. So is it not free anymore?
  8. larsras05

    Can you export a Flight Plan?

    I could imagine a text file format, that can be pasted directly into e.g. ForeFlight WEB (and then view on a tablet), and one for Navigraph Charts.
  9. larsras05

    GTN750 FPL -> plane GNS 430/530?

    What I observe is that when flying on a flight plan in the GTN, then if the plane's nav has build in mapping, then something different is shown as there probably is an old FPL in that nav. So it would be nice to have exactly the same flight plan in both the GTN and the planes navigator :-) (and my FPL's have until not exceeded the 30 wp limit).
  10. larsras05

    GTN750 FPL -> plane GNS 430/530?

    In the GTN Plugin menu in XP11: Of there could to two menu options to cross fill the GTN flight plan to the planes build-in navigator, either Nav1 or Nav2?
  11. larsras05

    GTN750 FPL -> plane GNS 430/530?

    So it is technically impossible due to the missing feature in the trainer? Would it be possible to have an option in the XP11 Plugin menu instead like: FPL -> NAV1 FPL -> NAV2
  12. Is it possible to sync the FPL created in the GTN750 to the planes GNS430/530?
  13. larsras05

    NavData for Europe?

    Already bought the product, and so far it seems usable navigation wise in Europe.
  14. larsras05

    Move the GTN750 to the 2nd monitor?

    SO I have just wasted my money on a touchscreen monitor, and the GTN 750.... :-( I was aware of that plane developers was not able to move instruments off the X-Plane screen (they can not even move instruments off the main X-plane monitor in e.g a 3 triple monitor system), but actually I was quite sure that the GTN 750 was an external component which did not have those bounds. Very disappointing!
  15. Having XP11 on monitor 1 full screen, and want the GTN on the 2nd monitor. How do I achieve that?