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  1. Hello there, me again... Thanks for the explanation on how to use bit torrent downloads i will try that thanks! I do have a download manager and i must say i use it for years now and i download from all different sites and it works always and if a file failed or is corrupt i just download it again and then it was right and i could open it. So this one was a bit weird for me after all these years i'm downloading.... But anyway THANK YOU again for the reply and i will try to install a torrent client and see how it goes Have a nice weekend and enjoy your "simming" Greetings Marius
  2. Hi there i have mixed feelings now about the download of this so called Free Mesh X... First of all i don't understand or know how to download with bit torrent and no one explain how to do it properly... Secondly there is an option and links to download from mediafire directly and i try that option, the first time i try download the first file for Africa and it downloaded the full 4.3 GB but the file doesn't open at all... so i try this morning again to download the same file again and it downloaded the full file but AGAIN it does not open at all i do have a program that open 7z files so i don't understand this...!? So the short of all of this is that i effectively waste almost 10GB of data that cost me easily about R700,00 since a use a wifi router to go on internet with a monthly subscription fee I could have bought me payware mesh or a very nice airport add-on Yours sincerely Marius