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  1. Irish_Spotter

    Tracking aircraft in static view

    Hello, I can understand how that would become a problem. May I suggest maybe having a slider in order to change the speed/smoothness. Thanks, Sean.
  2. Hello, When I use the feature to track my aircraft on the static camera it sometimes doesn't keep up with the aircraft. Is there any way to make the camera stick to the aircraft constantly to keep it in frame?
  3. Irish_Spotter

    Cockpit views

    Yes, sorry for delay in replying
  4. Irish_Spotter

    Cockpit views

    Hello, I use auto rudder while taxing on the ground, Which means I turn my yoke left/right to turn. I have a problem with effects that would normally happen when flying happen on the ground. eg. If I do an 180 on a runway, the camera view moves around the cockpit. This leads to my sim being unrealistic and it's frustrating for me as it also moves all the presets in the cockpit (FMC, Lights, Flaps) so I can no longer access them. Is this a known problem or is there a fix? I'd appreciate any help. Thanks.
  5. Irish_Spotter

    Preset views moving around the cockpit

    Thank you, I'll try that as soon as I get a chance.
  6. Hello, In some cases when I turn my aircraft (auto rudder) the preset view goes with it. So, let's say I have my view in the captain's seat and I turn left, my view and preset will move into the centre of the cockpit, and cannot be reset without updating the view. It also happens once airborne, all my views move forward slightly and this is extremely annoying for the use of the FMC's. Is this a known problem? I can't find a fix anywhere. I'd appreciate some help. Thanks
  7. Irish_Spotter

    Aerosoft Airbus X braking problem

    Yea it works fine on other aircraft. When I press my brake button the camera leans forward as if the plane is stopping, but it just continues. Thanks for your help
  8. Irish_Spotter

    Aerosoft Airbus X braking problem

    Hello, I've recently purchased the Aerosoft Airbus X packages. Everything works great apart from one thing, the brakes are VERY insensitive. I use a button and when I'm taxing and want to stop, it would take me about 25 seconds to stop if I was going 10 knots. Also this issue seems to only occur when I do a cold and dark set up. This is extremely annoying and I would love to know if they'res a fix for it! Thanks ;-)