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  1. Since another person think so too, I guess I wasn't clear. This is what I wrote; the aircraft is essentially dead. Anyway I found out that it was a simconnect issue. Thanks.
  2. I already wrote the symptoms on that sentence, you could read it there. Also, even if HUD is an option I mentioned it because I did not set it as an option. Seems to me you are a troll.
  3. OK, I added signature in my account settings. I will check the support after I return home.
  4. There is no HUD in the cockpit when PMDG800 works fine. Actually, HUD is not supposed to be in the cockpit for vanilla FSX 737 for that matter.
  5. I bought PMDG 737NG(Base package) few weeks ago. PMDG does not work consistently in my FSX steam edition - it sometimes work, and sometimes does not. When it does not work, the load out setting is almost identical to the default 737 in FSX, and all screens are black and buttons don't work. Strangely, even if I select 737-800 PMDG, there is a HUD on Captain's cockpit when PMDG is not working. I completely reinstalled and installed FSX steam edition and removed all remaining data from my hard drive two times(including PMDG), but PMDG is still unreliable. Is there some other measure? Or is there any other kind of repair tool from PMDG? Thanks.
  6. Okay, I've got the reply from the support. The method provided is still not working, but I will post here when the situation is resolved. Edit: By running the file I've received from the support with <run with admin> option, now it's working fine. For anyone with same problem, try <run with admin>. Thanks for the support! Josh
  7. If that is the case, being a customer who purchased the product in 22nd of May but not able to use it until now, I think I should at least be notified for a rough estimated timeline. I purchased the add-on to practice IFR flights, and the user agreement dictactes 90 days guarantee of support. Thanks, Josh
  8. Actually I sent two mails past days, but there has been no reply since.
  9. I purchased the G1000 add-on for my FSX steam two days ago, and activated it using the codes received by mail. But upon selecting both C172 & C182, PFD is black and shows "gague is not registered" and does not function at all. Is this somekind of an registration issue? Best Regards, Josh
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