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  1. gnt586

    Library and Adblocker

    Hi Ron Are you using chrome with addon called "adblock" if you are you need to add the domain to filter setting so it lets them through all the time
  2. What i do is just copy fuse 1.2,3 put them all together on a new layer together line them up and make the livery , then just copy over my paint bits to the original texture
  3. Ya just need to remove them from the main livery which ya probably done already and the Alpha layer remove the windows which ar ein black and turn them white color If unsure see open up my west atlantic livery on avsim to see the alpha layer
  4. Do ya mean the Windows?
  5. Look like it is missing the texture.cfg or Alpha layer file when this happens
  6. In download Ben
  7. I use Privathreepro and for the "number 1" i use Century Gothic bold Closest i can get
  8. Seems i still a have the main kit on file