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  1. jaguar63

    Update Problem

    Feel for you mate Maybe take the whole pmdg folder out of program files and try running it outside of the main Windows folders.. Mark
  2. jaguar63

    Update Problem

    Cheers downscc that did work
  3. jaguar63

    Update Problem

    This solution worked for me after many hours of torture. im using win10 latest version. turn off ipv6 in your ethernet properties restart pc hope this helps.. regards Mark W
  4. jaguar63

    Update Problem

    This is what im getting tls 1.2 but when i looked its not disabled at all even did a check online and tls is working fine.
  5. jaguar63

    Update Problem

    I shall have another tinker when home from work can't understand everything else internet wise works fine cheers for the help
  6. jaguar63

    Update Problem

    The only A/V I use is Windows defender and set a exclusion rule for the pmdg folder and exe files. I tried removing all the files apart from the updater exe and run that still same opens tries to connect then closes without doing anything.
  7. jaguar63

    Update Problem

    Hi I'm having issues getting the updates i don't use any aftermarket AV, my OC is not showing any updates at all. OC ver.1.17.25 ive tried manually updating but the updater seems to try connecting to server then just closes without doing anything? Im in the europe UK gone through various post and tried what they all suggest to no avail any help would be great.. Mark W