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  1. I love the CS 757-200 especially after Hot Fix 2. Just waiting for panel states now! Can anyone else confirm, but I find the AC Reg in the VC a little pixelated or less resolution? Is there a way or setting to increase the detail of the VC?
  2. So in the end, i opted for a new fresh install of P3Dv4.1 and now it works. Thanks
  3. Hi There I have just installed P3D v4.1 again after I had some FTX vector issues, but not I am unable to change airport, both from the start up screen or within the game itself. I can load into the default location and any plane, but as soon as I select change airport and then hit "OK" it crashes to desktop with no error. See video showing the issue, Any advise, I am on Windows 7 Pro, Intel Core i7 6700K - 16GB DDR4 2133Mhz Memory - 2TB SATA Hard Drive - 500GB SSD - Asus Strix OC GTX 1070. Nvidia Driver - 388.0
  4. Ill check the logs and send them over to you. If its not LINDA any advise what could be causing this (im a fellow BAV flyer)
  5. I dont think that is the grey box that stays, I can not remember the exact wording. But it is when LINDA first loads and says Linda is loaded or ready to go. Ill try and get a screenshot of the box. Ill also get some error logs for you. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the prompt reply. I too think its strange that it only happens in the Eastern side of FSX and not in Europe or Western. It happens exactly when the grey LINDA window pops up. Also, that LINDA Grey window does not disappear?? Joystick buttons are assigned in EZDOK and not assigned to anything in FSUIPC4 or in LINDA. On the Thrustmaster WARTHOG joystick, I use the button directly under the red button on the Joystick. Click left and it goes to Camera 1 and click right it goes out Aircraft Cam 1. Then up and down it scrolls through the camera's.
  7. Hi, Thanks for the reply, not only the middle mouse button doesnt work, but all of the assigned joystick buttons to switch camera views do not work. Also, when I click on show EzDOK studio nothing shows. I can change view by right clicking and changing it that way. Let me know if you need any more info?
  8. Hi There, When I load FSX, I select Aircraft and Airport, set UTC Time. Then load flight. Once loaded, the plane loads and then the LINDA window pops up saying its good to go, but then EZDOK will not work. I can not change camera views, or look around. I use the Mouse scroll button pressed and hold to look around. This does not work. I can change camera if I right click and select a camera but still can not look around. I can still control the plane and it moves etc with the Joystick and Throttle. I have tried reloading EZDOK but that doesnt solve it.
  9. Hi there, I have recently purchased the Thrustmaster Warthog for my FSX. After some research I was pointed into the direction of LINDA for assigning the switches for the PMDG aircraft etc. However, I am having a strange issue, where by if I load a flight up in America, LINDA causes my EZDOK to freeze. However, it does not do it when in Europe or western side of the world. I have narrowed it to LINDA, because when i load a flight in America all is good until the LINDA pop up comes up saying LINDA is ready to go. After this pops up, my camera in EZDOK is not able to respond. I can still control the aircraft etc, just EZDOK freezes. Also, after this happens, I close down FSX but it fails to close and I have to force the FSX to shut down. I am using LINDA 2.8.7. This happens no matter what Aircraft I load, either PMDG 777, 737NGX or the default FSX aircraft. I would send screenshots but I am doing a flight from EHAM to Kilamanjaro but will post screenshots after the flight. Any advise? Sam
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