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  1. Hello. I wanted to ask this on the milviz forum but you have to contact someone to register which would take days or weeks, and I want to resolve this sooner as I purchased it, I want to use it. 1. quarter of the way into my journey the AP seems to disconnects and refuses to reconnect, not sure if I have done something wrong? I followed the procedure in the manuals. 2. for some reason the plane doesnt align properly. it says the airport im at is 12nm away??
  2. Anybody know if the TSS A319 sounds (https://secure.simmarket.com/turbine-sound-studios-airbus-319-cfm56-5b5-pilot-edition-v2-fsx-p3d.phtml) works with the FSLabs A319? Don't really want to spend money on it if it doesn't work. thanks!
  3. I just did a fresh install of my OS and reinstalled P3D with chaseplane etc but whenever I load up P3D in the main menu its showing P3D as connected to chaseplane but as soon as I start the sim and load in an aircraft the connection colour in the top left hand corner flashes between red and green and is unusable in the game. Was fine before i did a fresh install. (I have installed the files in the redist folder) Any ideas?
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