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  1. I have a feature request: I would like to lnm to recognize msfs poi - handmade landmarks, etc...
  2. albar965: you're the man... 🙂 Beta version seems ok. I have MSFS steam version with flightsimulatorexe file not in default location and also scenery files are not in default location, so LNM recognize all paths correctly. Live connection is working, also loading flight plan with custom waypoint is ok - Carenado Skylane... Going to make another donation - already made one a few years ago...
  3. I have steam version, with flightsimulator.exe in "D:\Steam\steamapps\common\MicrosoftFlightSimulator", but during installation of msfs, I setup folder for I think scenery files and also Community folder in d:\MSFS2020. I'm not at my flight computer, so I can't check what exactly is in d:\msfs2020 folder... Will it be ok..? If I understand screenshots of beta version correctly, all those path options will be configurable, so we shouldn't have any problems detecting different scenarios of msfs instalations, or did I missed something...?
  4. They changed release time for liveries from 19th, to next week... I guess, they are waiting for update at 27th of August...
  5. Hi guys, Here is a freshman to a PMDG world... 🙂 I managed to fly tutorial1 without problem, even tried with different departure and destination airports, so I have basic knowledge of system... But at tutorial2 I'm lost at LOWI part of FMC... Already at page 30. I have the latest navigraph data and of course there is discrepancy between tutorial and actual navdata... I programed departure without problems, but at approach I'm completely lost. So, would someone please, write those steps for dummies. How to program STAR and approach procedure at LOWI and those corrections on page 118...? Thanks...
  6. Thanks. Mail for manual is sent to PM. So, the data server is for developers... What about the last question, about functionallity of software without internet connection...?
  7. Cool software, I would recommend it for everyone. As someone wrote before me - it's a game changer... 🙂 What I miss, are some ''case stuides''. E.g.: I spent two evenings configuring views and transitions and trying all options available, and I'm still not done. Proccess would be much faster if there would be some guides how to setup CP from scratch to finished setup. Those guides, which already exists cover well, what particular option means, but there are no advices what values to set up (e.g.: which are best transitions times between views, etc..) I know there a lot of things which are dependent on personal feeling and taste, but probably there are some common guidlines... Second question: Enable data server option means, that configuration is stored localy or something else? And one more question: Does CP has some local cache of configuration in case there is no internet access? E.g.: in case modem dies, in our country, we sometime have to wait a day or two for ISP technician to replace the modem..
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