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  1. I totally support the Change Log idea. And as Raffaele it would be easier to decide to update or not. Major releases could still be informed by email. But, a sticky post with the log or a link in the website with that information would be nice. Antonio
  2. Thank you Gerald. This will help opening external files like spreadsheets, pdf files (terminal charts), etc . Strangely I can't make it to run chrome anymore (even without parameter). But, since batch files are working and as a workaround I'll be using them to call chrome. Best regards. António
  3. Hi David! Sorry for the late reply. MCE still refuses to talk to GSX if I close and restart MCE. But I can use the GSX menu and no problems there. Additionally, I found that I can't use MCE to stop pushback, because the option that is actually selected by MCE is the abort. Usually, I stop pushback through the menu. Maybe this particular issue is related to changes to GSX menu, after the latest MCE release. Regards. Antonio
  4. For me it was Sinclair ZX Spectrum with it's amazing 48 KiB of memory. This is starting to be a very nostalgic thread ... Antonio
  5. hmm... I wonder if I could convince him to buy a new license for MCE ... Antonio
  6. Hi David. Thanks for the heads up. But disabling anti virus doesn't solve the issue. And yes, I'm running Win 10. Automatic updates does pose a "threat". In my case and until now, Win 10 is revealing good stability. Blue screens are starting to be a thing of the pass. If Microsoft doesn't mess up, Win 10 could be the truly successor of Win XP and 7. Nevertheless, I'll always have Linux in my heart. Antonio
  7. Thank you :smile: Also, the possibility of running batch files (*.bat) would be even more interesting and flexible. Antonio
  8. Hi I'm trying to increase the automation in the feelthere ERJ135. One of the flows I'm thinking is the fuel and weight planning. For that I would create google spreadsheet, and call it inside the flow. The run prog function can easily call a new chrome window, like: c:\program .....\chrome.exe But, I can't seem to manage to pass parameters like: c:\program .....\chrome.exe https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/.... The use of parameters is supported ? Thank you. Antonio
  9. Hi Gerald! MCE is installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\ folder fsx.exe is running as admin Before installing MCE I download the version posted on the website. Also, I'm running MCE as admin. Antonio
  10. Hi. Bought GSX today and I recovered the pushback. :smile: Doing some testing noticed this: if I close MCE and start it again MCE stops interacting with GSX. Restarting the FSX:SE solves the issue. Best regards. Antonio
  11. Hi! For those interested in FA announcements I found a few files that could be interesting. They need to be converted (from flac to wav) and edited (to remove the artificial silence). Audacity will do the job. They are licensed under Creative Commons Non-Commercial license, and hopefully I'm not violating any forum rules posting this link. Registration needed to download the files: https://www.freesound.org/people/bigfriendlyjiant/packs/11544/ Does anyone found more (besides freesound.org) ? Thank you. Antonio Disclaimer: I'm not the author of the files and I don't have any personal / commercial interest in that website.
  12. Hi David! GSX is on my wishlist. Unfortunately, I'm running a tight budget and slowly "building" my FSX. But eventually I'll get there. Actually, MCE won over GSX and other addons when I was evaluating my latest purchase. I started with MCE and didn't tried the others. I bought it after the demo expired! The ability to try before buying it was very important, since english is not my native language. Also, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and everyone else for the videos, scripts, tips, etc. They have been very helpful. Best regards. Antonio
  13. Hi and sorry for my late feedback. I have the latest MCE installed: V2.6.7.82. @David: you summed it up, although I didn't had GSX installed. In the meantime, I wanted to see what would happened if I installed and uninstalled GSX in this computer: Installed GSX demo version (for the first time in this computer) Start FSX:SE Airport selected: Milano Linate - LIML Test Pushback - test ok (tested only the pushback) Closed FSX:SE Uninstalled GSX Reboot computer Check virtuali folder: Deleted virtuali folder (uninstaller didn't removed it) Start FSX:SE Airport selected: Milano Linate - LIML Test Pushback - test not ok (same as above) Closed FSX:SE Reinstalled MCE version V2.6.7.82 Interface AES - not set (in config) Checked ini file: GroundServicesMode=Native Start FSX:SE Airport selected: Milano Linate - LIML Test Pushback - test not ok (same as above)
  14. Interace AES option in Advanced Options is unchecked.
  15. Hi Gerald. No Virtuali folder in C:\Users\your_user_name\AppData\Roaming or in my profile. No KeyMapping.ini in my system (searched the entire hard drive) .
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