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  1. Hi. I am getting following errors after installing PTA latest 6.2 version as admin for P3D v4.3. ERROR: You use unsupported version of Prepar3D! (Which is not the case...) ERROR: Shaders cache directory not set! ERROR: Prepar3D main configuration file not set! ERROR: Can't locate Prepar3D shaders folder (Which is clearly there..) I've been using PTA without any issues since version 2.52 without any issues what so ever. My installation sequence was as follows: 1 Upon P3d4.3 was issued I installed all three down loaders only (Client, Content and Scenery). P3d4.3 ran smooth with no issues. 2 Upon PTA ver 2.62 came out I downloaded it and set as administrator. 3 Executed the PTA file and the above errors popped out. Any help is appreciated Ron
  2. ronpereir

    P3D 4.2 and 747 loading problem

    No Over Clock, no PTA/Shades. P3d V4.2 done strictly in accordance to LM steps. Again, this is the only instance I have where this event is happening. P3D as well as the few ad dons I have installed mentioned in my previous post are running with absolutely no issues. That includes PMDG 737NGX. Thanks, Ron
  3. ronpereir

    P3D 4.2 and 747 loading problem

    Same here..Frustrating to say the least... In my case, PMDG 747 loads now perfectly after the latest 747 update by PMDG (this was an issue also before the update..), but now at any given moment the hole monitor screen goes black and I can still here the aircraft sound in the background and If I move the mouse around it can sense button areas because of the hand shape change of the mouse...however the only way out is having to Re-boot... PMDG 737NGX runs with no issues what so ever. So it is all focused on the 747. I deactivated and did full re install of this aircraft and the same issue remains. This event can randomly happen early during setup or midway into a flight, no matter. Difficult to pinpoint if it relates to changes in views or specific areas where if clicked could cause the screen to go dark. I cant pinpoint the possible cause by using process monitor but...since there is no choice to recover from the black screen to a windows screen in order to assess the potential problem.. my only way out like I said is to reboot !! Reports or event viewer does not show anything related to P3D... Win10 64 / I4770/16GB/1Tb SSD/GTX980/ Only P3dv4.2/AS/ASCA/UTlive/PMDG/ORBX several packages/Currently default shaders/Rex4HD If any one have gone thru this and has been able to sort this issue out, please let me know.. Thks Ron Pereira
  4. ronpereir

    P3D 4.2 and 747 loading problem

    Read some place that PMDG is working on a fix for this issue and should come out shortly. Yesterday evening btw, I managed to get the 747 up and running and did a full short hop with no issues. I loaded up the maule aircraft after a clean P3d start and then after than I loaded the default PMDG 747 (as I deleted for now all the downloaded library..) and walla she came up alive and I did a full short hop also with no issues. Today..still not trusting the previous good news I once again used same above method to see if it was only a one event magic..and it worked again, PMDG 747 default loaded perfectly. complete the test..I loaded P3D and loaded the PMDG 747 default at the opening screen, aircraft showed up spining around, PRD status bar started to load up to the "complete" level and out again..forcing P3D to close. So it is pretty evident that there is a flaw in the PMDG 747 during the load process, and they should be fixing it. Two recommendations then 1- Load the maule and then the 747 2 DONT Mess with anything else thinking is anything else because you will scree everything else.... Hope this helps... I
  5. ronpereir

    P3D 4.2 and 747 loading problem

    Same problem after updating Prepar3dv4.2 PMDG 747 will not install, screen goes dark and that's it. PMDG 737 ngx has no problems what so ever. I tried deleting and re-generating the config file, it will do the trick but few times after that it will crash again. Tried uninstalling controllers and reinstalling success.. I have No FSUIPC, not external third party shaders, just native P3DV2. I followed proper installation of the V2 version, Delete / install of three app files, client, content and scenery. P3d works fine as stand alone software. Only Aircraft addons are the PMDG 737ngx and 747. Windows 10 64b latest update. Intel i4790K 4Ghz 16 gb ram 1TB SSD GTX-980 RIG full dedicated to Flight simulation, no other programs installed... Appreciate your support..Thanks Ron Pereira