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  1. thanks, the lowest gtx 660 is $144 but the problem is that Newegg don't ship to the Netherlands so the price will be a bit higher. But I will look for sales like you said. Thanks for all the advice you guys gave me, its been very helpfull and I know wich card I'm gonna buy. Thanks Daniël
  2. thanks for your advice, I think I save for the 660 like you said. Daniël
  3. oke I will thanks I have done some (little) research. the gtx 660 is a very good card but the price is a bit to high for me the r7 260x is in my price range but not such a good card. i've found a Sapphire HD6950 with 2 gigs, would it be a good card?
  4. i will look for a card with 2 gig of vram HiFlyer, what do you mean with 'taped it'
  5. thanks HiFlyer, its nice to know. I will look at 2 gig cards is the r7 260x a good card for heavy games like Fsx or Battlefield?
  6. Henry, Thanks, it was helpful, it says that I have to look for a GTX 650 or GTX 650 ti. HiFlyer, thanks for your tip, I havent considered that future games will require more of a videocard is 1.5 gig good? or is 2 gig a must
  7. Thanks for your answer. I also looked at this videocard and to me it seems a good card. one question. wich Fps do you get in fsx?
  8. Hello, Im new to avsim and i've got a question. i have updated my computer because my old computer couldn't handle fsx anymore. so now i have a AMD Phenom II X4 970 and 8 gigs ram, but my videocard is still bad (AMD HD3650) I want a new one but I don't know wich card to buy with $160 budget. Can you guys help me out? Daniël sorry, i mean upgraded my computer. Im from the netherlands and im 14 years old so my English can be bad.
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