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  1. Hi all, i found an alternative Economy Simulation for Xplane: Fly the World its also for English Speaking Simmers. Look In: http://www.ftw-sim.de For German Speaking Simmers i do make a Overview Video:
  2. vonKleist

    [20JUL17] Update thread for XPL users

    I would just like to know if it's even planned to make an Xplane 11 conversion. And if that worked already, I would like to know that too. As I read the release, I would say that nothing has been done - and inform us as soon as a decision has been made. I think it's a pity that such a valuable aircraft is not available in the XP11 conversion. IXEG has already shown what is possible. A pity, I love the DC6 from PMDG
  3. vonKleist

    [20JUL17] Update thread for XPL users

    Any new offers for a DC6 - XP11 Update?
  4. Hey guys, I purchased a lot of Carenado Products. 3 Planes in December in 2016. And now Carenado want that i paying the Full Prize AGAIN?!. Thats absolute disturbing. Really. Im really Angry at this moment. I see the Point, that Development is expensive. But the FULL PRIZE again?! look At IXEG Plane or other Companys. Regards A dissatisfied customer