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  1. Hi Gang, I decided to build a desk that would not only house my CH yoke and throttle, but to do so without the expense of room for typing on the keyboard. So the desk sits a little higher off the ground compared to a standard 27" desk, but the yoke is still at a great spot. Let me know what you think! Hopefully the links work... https://goo.gl/photos/XQXxShiJwTN6GLi36 https://goo.gl/photos/XcbSQRcA1ywLaa3y8
  2. Ahh, thank you!!! I never even thought to look for another plugin to fix a plugin LOL! I'll download that sucker tonight when I get home. So has development on XSquawkBox shut down? I just googled PilotEdge as I'd never heard of that, but $20/month seems pretty steep! But I'll keep my eye on it. Thanks again!
  3. Hi gang, I'm a real world pilot who also likes to dabble in X-Plane from time to time. It's really come a long way scenery-wise, but one thing has really bugged me. Lately I've been connecting on VATSIM and trying that out, which is a lot of fun! But I've noticed that in X-Plane, at night, the other aircraft's nav lights are visible over 10nm away... but not only that, each light gives off this crazy glow so that all you see is this red ball and green ball. This is especially true when overflying an active airport and the traffic on the ground is just a bunch of glowing red/green balls. Obviously this is NOT how navlights look in RL. You can see them that far, sure. But they do not give off this crazy 20 foot diameter glow. I'm wondering though, could this be something to do with my render settings? If so, which one would "dial back" the nav lights? I'm on a fairly low render setup as is since I run 3 monitors and am trying to keep the framerate up. Thanks! Dave