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  1. I cant do anything with it. Windows defender found "Trojan:Win32/Spursint.F!cl" in the ziped file and blocked it immediately...
  2. Hi, is there a working IBERIA Livery for the Aerosoft A319 Professional ?? Cant find anything. The EC-KKS livery i found at the aerosoft livery forum cause the simulator to crash, even with a modified cfg (shorter text). The avsim library only shows me a old livery, wich doesnt work any more with the professional version.... any ideas?
  3. Thx for all replies. Problem should be solved … i hope. Deinstall and reinstall of Vector does the Job for EGHI. EGPB still broken, even after deinstalling : no Default came back. I reinstalled EGBP and unticked the sloped runway Option. After that the Airport was displayed correctly, even i ticked the sloped runway Option afterwards.
  4. Thx for the tip but i only use Traffic Global. I deinstalled it and deactivated all scenery entries, but same as before. I also tried to uninstall FTX EGPB -> still broken + uninstall FTX Scottland - > EGPB still broken Vector Elevation correction also no success. Looks like Vector screwed up everything in the area…. This is how it Looks just with Global, EU LC and Vector left: EGPB "default" PS: i use also Freemesh X, but i got the same error with or without it.....
  5. Hi there, never had this issue in the past. Now with 4.4 i have some problems with FTX Airports within FTX regions. So far i spottet EGHI within FTX England and EGPB within FTX Scottland. The order of the sceneries in the scenery biblio seems ok. ORBX libs ORBX airport ORBX region My FTX Central 3, Library and all FTX stuff are up to date. I also tried to uninstall / reinstall the airports / verifying the files without success I tried to disabling the airport BGLs within the FTX region Scenery folder. Also without success. Some Pictures: EGHI EGPB Any ideas??
  6. Glad to hear it worked for you 🙂 During the startup process the fsaerodata updater checks your subscription-status i guess. So it shouldnt be possible to install a saved cycle. But i havent tried it yet so far. Perhaps anyone did? But there should be another way to use the updated navdata as long as you wish. Fsaerodata injects the navdata via scenery files (.BGL Files). There are 3 entries in the scenery library: FSAD_Approaches1, FSAD_Approaches, FSAD_Navaids . Save the folders and add the entries manually to your library, if you need to. This should give you a snapshot of the airac cycle you created while your subsription. It offers you also the option to place the fsaerodata entries above payware scenery to keep their navdata up to date.
  7. I guess you have to reinstall at least "content" . But the navaid installer from aero.sors.fr has an option to go back to default data also. You can also use fsaerodata together with navigraph to keep your database up to date. It also adds sids and stars. So you can use them with the default GPS too. For ATC it says: " Air Traffic Control (ATC): Selection and aircraft vectoring of final approaches based on updated database."
  8. The Quality Wings Dispatcher doesn't work on the fly. It modifies the aircraft.cfg. To work properly you have to reload the plane or save the dispatcher data before starting the scenario.
  9. The QW 146 doesnt work together with the new fsuipc 5.15 . Flaps and spoilers wont move.
  10. hi there, is there any profile out yet? couldnt find anything 😞 greetings, JP
  11. I have exact same problem. Sim freezes every few minutes after a quite while of flight. The freezes are 4-7 seconds and i see the windows loading circle. Very bad situation, especially during approach. I DONT think its a hardware problem as you can see with my specs. i recently did a full fresh win10 install, before i installed my new 4.1 . my specs: P3D4.1 (starting with admin rights) Win10pro 64bit 1709 16299.19 NO antivir at all atm, only the win10 onboard stuff i7-6700k @4,5, HT on GTX1070 Gainward golden sample 16GB DDR4-3200 Win10 on 256GB SSD, P3D on extra 500GB SSD My Addons: FTX Global, Vector, Landclass EU NA alot of regions, but the problem occures also in region without lc or regions AS4+ASCA (starting with admin rights) PTA FSUIPC registered (problem occures also with autosave OFF) some addon airports PMDG NGX , T7, 747 no traffic addon at the moment, all air ai traffic OFF sliders not full right (most 1 tick before) i also tried a fresh p3d.cfg and did some af settings together with process lasso. without success. Only thing i didnt test yet is set HT to OFF and uninstall Intel RST. My drivers and bios are up to date and my temps are under full load about 70-75 celsius (CPU and GPU). Any ideas?
  12. Hi there, first of all: thx alot for that great free product!! I have a question concerning the updating method from 1.07 to 2.0 . Am i right, i only have to download the 2.0 patches folder and replace it with the old one? regards, Jens
  13. Hi there, yesterday i switched from p3dv3 to p3dv4. Did also a fresh win10 install. Now iam wondering whats "the best", or lets say, your favorite way, to make p3dv4 look better, texture and shaderwise. I have all important programms to work with: Rex 4 with softclouds, Rex hd airports, envtex, pta2, asca. In V3 i used a mix of those programms. When i remember correctly, i used a free sky texture package injected and activated in asca, lots of Rex 4 textures beside clouds and sky. Best runway textures come from Rex hd airports in my opinion. From envtex i only used the coral reef textures. Beside that i used the free pta with a slightly modified adam 20_10 preset. Now iam wondering if i should go again like this in v4 or has something changed in the meantime and you can give me some advice how to move on... And of course iam curios, whats your way to make p3dv4 look best :) regards, Jens
  14. There is a known issue with pmdg planes and ctd after few hours of flying (ntdll.dll). Its caused by popping out the captains pfd. once you did it, there is a good chance of facing a ctd after a couple of hours. pmdg reacted in the latest updates and disabled the captains pfd pop out of all planes (737, 777, 747) by default. you have to enable it manually in the fmc pmdg options menu. but you will get a warning of a possible ctd by enabling it.
  15. Go to Preferences/control Assignments / and assign : Tilt Up - coolie hat up ; Tilt down - coolie hat down; Pan left - coolie hat left; Pan right - coolie hat right. If the movement is too slow for you, you can speed it up via /camera / advanced / rotational motion. You can also assign head movements to the other cooli hats on your warthog joystick. speed those up by camera /advanced / directional motion.
  16. Same problem here. Plane does not matter. it occures even in F22. Happens to me with stable version v0.2.121 Alpha and latest experimental. Restarting chaseplane also not helped. Iam on P3Dv3.4 .
  17. My cinematic mode is also crushed since the last update (roleback?l). But my issue is the opposite. The plane is extremly zoomed out. Iam running non experimental v0.2.121 Alpha and P3Dv3.4
  18. Unfortunately the RAM prices explodes these days. For example i bought 2 fast 8GB DDR-4 3200 modules for 85 Euro 10 month ago. Now they are at 140 Euro .
  19. so why iam flying 37200, when iam put in 37000 in the window? thats the question, not more ore less. for the ifly 747 and p3d. is that rl ?
  20. Ok, but shouldnt the autopilot take data/information from the most accurate source? In this case the calibrated data from the ISFD ? In sim this is not the case as i found out. Or is it normal, in rl one plane cruises @ordered FL380 at 37800ft and the next at 38200ft cause of altimeter calibration issues? Seems alot to me. Just have to ask, iam not a rl pilot
  21. Found something on the official support forum. Standby Altimeter / ISFD "incorrect" The Standby altimeter or ISFD is displaying a different Altitude value to the Altimeters on the CAPT and FO PFD's when using the same QNH. This is not a mistake, read below the technical reason for this anomaly. Curtsy from 1 of our Technical Advisory Pilots: "The left and right Pitot static probes supply data to their respective Air Data computers. The ADC's process this data and the output is in the form of an electrical signal to the respective primary altimeters. Within the ADC's is a stored calibration "look up" table which is a very precise non linear correction curve that can be programmed to account for any errors (which magnify with increasing altitude). This correction curve can be modified as the altimeter gets older. The standby altimeter gets it's data directly from the alternate static source and has no calibrated correction other than what can be achieved within the altimeter itself." But the problem is, the plane still flies the difference too high. so simulator uses the "not calibrated" data from the standby altimeter to determine the plane position i guess. So in future when iam flying online and dont want to confuse ATC, i will set 38800 on MCP for FL390. A solution, but not a very realistc one in my opinion.
  22. Hi there, also there is a similar topic around, i started a new one, because its a different problem. Iam running the 747 v2 in p3d 3.35 + AS16+ASCA. I always have the problem that my cruise level is around 200ft too high. For example my cruise level is FL370. The PFD (STD) indicates 37000ft. But the analog altimeter (1013/2992) shows 37200ft. Smartcars reads out iam @FL372. So iam flying at 37200ft and the PFD shows the wrong altitude. The analog altimeter shows correct altitude. http://prnt.sc/d00oxm (picture on lightshot, cant manage to link the picture via the picture option) Did i miss something, or is it a bug? regards, Jens
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