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  1. I received an email yesterday (5/20) about a software update. I loaded it but where do I find out what the changes are?
  2. I loaded a new plane and now it's working. Must have been a glitch that just needed a reset.
  3. I have noticed the break temperature indicator never reads above "0". Even after heavy breaking upon landing and selecting each of the four breaks, they all read "0". The test feature does work however. Is anyone else seeing this issue or has this feature not yet been activated?
  4. I agree. As an aircraft mechanic for Delta, I only taxied the MD-88 and DC-9 and you could not hear the engines unless you had the window open. You could hear when the engines lit off as that was very distinctive. But other than that, you really only hear the cooling fans in the cockpit.
  5. I too am flying it with the Rift. Amazing! I could not fly without VR again. Just not the same. No immersion.
  6. The buttons don't actually move (not animated), but they do work.
  7. The WXR Fail is probably due to not having a weather engine selected. When I updated, I had the same problem and found it had de-selected my weather engine during the update.
  8. You may need to increase the break sensitivity. I had to put mine all the way up to get them to unlock.
  9. With the update, mine are working correctly now. I had to reverse the axis and put the sensitivity on high to get it to work though.
  10. I have the Oculus Rift using FlyInside on FSX and it works great (other than the breaks won't release issue).
  11. I'm also having this issue. Using FSX and clicking the autopilot disconnect on the yoke only extinguishes the light, but the audible alarm continues.
  12. I also tried this with no luck. Breaks are still set.
  13. I think this started after my first pushback. It kept pushing to the point that the plane was almost off the airport. I tried setting the breaks, which stops the push with PMDG aircraft, and that did not work. So, I had to close FSX. Tried again on the shortest push available and it would not stop either. So, these two bugs may be related.
  14. I have the same issue with FSX. Tried all the suggestions made so far and nothing works.
  15. My brakes lock as well. As soon as I apply them, they lock up. And the parking break won't engage.
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