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  1. you're right, I think the flytampa designers made it impossible to change their design, so I'll give up too :( Regards, Herman
  2. Thanx for your patience, Herman I think I had no problem with aerosoft uninstall - I searched for any undeleted parts in control panel but found nothing I restored everything back but didn't solve the problem I don't have any ORBX stuff I renamed this file with the new elevation set to aerosoft's elevation (which is the same as stock airport's elevation : -3.352 ft) but nothin changed Are you sure of this ? - if this is the issue, I will stop trying to change elevation and startup fresh with Flytampa scenery Thanx, Herman
  3. I had backup for these scenery folders so I easily restore them back on need. I don't have ORBX Vector. I searched for ALT.bgl files in FSX folder and didn't find one for EHAM.
  4. Thanx a lot, Mudhendriver I figured out that the problem occurs only when playing back my recorded flights in which I was using Aerosoft scenery that designed the airport at a lower elevation than Flytampa did, consequently, in the recorded flights -the aircrafts touch the ground of Aerosoft's airport which lies at a lower lelevation, and appears to sink down below Flytampa's airport I use FsRecorder for playback Any ideas how to fix this elevation problem
  5. update : I tried ADE - modified Flytampa Amsterdam airport's elevation to be the same as Aerosoft's elevation and the .bgl file was compiled successfully with no errors I tried the same using Fsx planner both didn't work !
  6. I've removed .bgl files for Aerosoft from its installed folder. removed eurowest area, area 0601 from scenery folder. These are all .bgl filed related to Amsterdam I could find in FSX folder Additionally, I disabled these areas in scenery libraries menu, but the problem was not resolved.
  7. I had aerosoft schiphol and recorded some landings with FsRecorder and saved them Now I uninstalled Aerosoft schiphol and used Flytampa Amsterdam but there is the problem of runway elevation, when I run playback in FsRecorder, the aircraft touches the begining of the runway normally but then sinks below the level I have FSX SP2 , steve dx10 fixer I have in top of my scenery libraries : 1-Flytampa-amsterdam - 2-Flytampa amsterdam_LC I have in my scenery\world\scenery , the file: AFX_EHAM_flytampa_dummy.bgl Is there a way to manipulate the runway elevation in flytampa Amsterdam to be the same as it was in aerosoft Schiphol ?
  8. Contrails and wingtip vortices are white touchdown smoke is also normally white (It only starts as black squares then normalizes to white)
  9. I ran the setup DVDs twice for repair yet the problem is the same Also I tried every combination in Steve's DX10 lights/effects box , checing and unchecking all options didn't work it out. Also noticed black squares of rain drops as below, I don't know whetherboth problems are related or not
  10. I found these 2 files in effects folder fx_tchdwn.fx fx_tchdwn_s.fx
  11. adding slashes didn't resolve the problem I tried adding (_s) to the touchdown line as you mentioned above, to be like that : touchdown=fx_tchdwn_s, 1 The black smoke disappeared !, but the white smoke "the normal cool effect" has gone too !
  12. the .cfg file for the aircraft with black smoke is [EFFECTS] wake=fx_wake water=fx_spray dirt=fx_tchdrt concrete=fx_sparks touchdown=fx_tchdwn, 1 vaportrail_l=fx_dummy vaportrail_r=fx_dummy EngineFire=cs757_smoke_dark Another .cfg for normal one is : [EFFECTS] wake=fx_wake water=fx_spray dirt=fx_tchdrt concrete=fx_sparks touchdown=fx_tchdwn, 1
  13. some aircraft models would show black squares of smoke momentarily on touchdown which rapidly disappears, then the white smokes appear as normal (as shown below) this doesn't happen when I turn off DX10, but also doesn't happen on all aircraft models although DX10 was enabled
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