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  1. Finally bit the bullet and got the fa50, would love to get this mod for it.
  2. I have recently falling in love with the alabeo saratoga but i am yet to find a single repaint, so i thought I would see if some kind soul could help me out. This is what i would want it to look somewhat like https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/8907182 I know its a 172 but i dont see why it would be an issue to make it a low wing. If anyone happens to do it thanks so much! -Panzer
  3. Oh and by the way my cpu never goes above%40
  4. So last night I had successfully overclocked my fx(6300) 3.5ghz six core to 4.0 ghz and all was well i happened to go on fsx se and loaded in and noticed a fps drop from 40 fps average to a 10 fps average, i happened to look at my task manager and notice my gpu(rx550) was at %98 and was maxed out, i always run my settings at max and can do so and stay stable and 30 40 fps but now im maxing out my gpu somehow and im at 10 fps. I have my fsx tweaked with bufferpools and all and I really have no idea why this is happening if anyone can help me it would be so greatly appreciated. P.S. sorry I most likely posted this in the wrong place i dont use the forums much.
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