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  1. I got it too. Firstly I was unable to move instruments in the cockpit with the mouse, then the screen went black. Kill all operations in the UGCX menu doesn't fix the issue and I am unable to open any of the P3D menus with the mouse. To be honest, for me the update made the program much more cumbersome to use.
  2. Thanks Keven. Appreciate the help.
  3. Hi Guys, Recently I've done a complete restore of Windows 10 and installing chaseplane through Orbx Central I've noticed I've lost all my presets. I just assumed from last time I did a reinstall, my presets were saved in the cloud and then re-loaded when I reinstalled the product. Has this process changed? If so, is there anyway of retrieving my presets? Best regards, Mark
  4. Hi Jim, Did you find a solution? I'd be keen to hear if you did. Best regards, Mark
  5. Hi Joe and thanks for the quick response. I have been using FlyInside for a while now and I really like the virtual windows feature. Handy when using charts, vPilot, etc. Is there a similar solution when using the native VR? Or something provided by CP? Thanks, Mark
  6. Hi Joe, Just want to clarify. Using the native VR with CP gives you the ability to assign a hot-key for instant zoom in/zoom out? Thanks Mark
  7. Hi Guys, Am I able to get this mod off someone please? Thanks Mark
  8. I'm interested in the prescription lenses, I've not heard of that before. Are you able to order Oculus with your specific prescription?
  9. Thanks for the videos and comments. Its hard to get a sense of the VR experience through video, but the VR image looks smooth and most of the gauges/instruments look clear enough to use. Are the graphics good enough to look down and use the FMC and view things like correct speed for take-off at a quick glance? Does SLIing make any difference to the VR experience?
  10. Are there any videos of VR using a decent payware aircraft like PMDG 777 at a high resolution payware airport? I've searched youtube and there aren't many out there. Would be nice to actually see how the quality is and whether or not its worth buying yet. Mark
  11. Hi Daedalus, Thanks for the reply. Sounds like using VR straight out of the box with addon aircraft with decent textures and resolution is a fair way off. I guess the plan is to hold off until there is support for the majority of payware aircraft and a decent testing phase has been completed? Its a shame really, but flightsim for me has been almost 20 years of slow improvements and hardware upgrades. A few more shouldn't hurt. Can't wait for the technology to get here and make this achievable. Mark
  12. Hi Guys, Just reading through the last 10 pages has pretty much turned me off buying Oculus at the moment. Sounds like waiting for the next version to come out is probably the way to go. However, just a few questions. Has anyone tried the Oculus touch with P3D? Are the graphics good enough to be able to turn knobs and flick switches and not accidentally bump the wrong one? And would SLIing the GPU make for much of an improvement? I'm getting about 25-30FPS with my setup at the moment, and could go a bit further with overclocking, but its a lot of money to spend on something that has poor graphics and is unusable If I could spend a bit more money on my rig and knew for sure VR would work I'd definitely be thinking harder about it. The worst thing I guess is not being able to sample before you buy. Anyway guys, Merry Xmas and happy new year. Mark
  13. Thanks. Yeah I was holding it down and also tried pressing Shift+O which also turned the cursor into the cross hair but did not move the eyepoint. I've just installed FSUIPC4 which works when pressing the scroll bar on the mouse. Thanks, Mark
  14. Hi Kev, Thanks for your response. I have done the above steps and used the spacebar as the key to switch to "mouse controls view." (Which I believe was the default) When I press the spacebar, the cursor changes to the cross hair (plus sign) as usual but the view fails to move when I move the mouse. Its very strange because it just stopped working and I hadn't changed any of the button assignments. I was thinking or purchasing FSUIPC and/or EZView, do you think either of these may solve my issue. Thanks again, Mark
  15. Hi Guys, Just searching through old topics to find a solution. My mouse control view in P3D (the one where you hold the spacebar down) has suddenly stopped working, and finding info on this is proving difficult. Has this happened to anyone? If so have you found a solution? Thanks in advance Mark
  16. Yeah I'm loving the 777-200/F and quite happy to spend the money on the expansion pack but its proving a little difficult. I brought up the old post just to show anyone who reads it that I did try to resolve my issue before starting a new topic. Forgot to mention too, that I have used Firefox, Chrome and IE all with the same error message - no luck! Thanks again
  17. Hi Guys, I too am having problems purchasing specifically the 777-300ER expansion pack (also can't purchase anything else either). I too get the message saying cannot add to cart. Strange because only a week or so ago I purchased the 737NGX with no problems at all and haven't changed any settings since doing so. I have tried all the above advice, before I open a support ticket, and this topic being many years old, has anyone come up with a solution. Thanks in advance. Mark Osborne
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