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  1. Hello! I used vataware.com for viewing my flight statistic. It was a great website with various diagrams etc. But it doesn't work now and I'm looking for some alternatives.
  2. Hello! I have an old laptop with NVIDIA graphics. It’s good for FSX:SE. I used FPS Limiter and Anti-Aliasing in Profile Inspector in ‘MS Flight Simulator X’ profile. But on my newer PC I have the profile with a different name ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator 10’. Anti-Aliasing works only windowed mode and FPS limiter does’t work.
  3. Hello! I haven't received any massages about updates in the FSX and UGCX Configuration Manager. My version is 1.9.
  4. Hello everyone! I've got a question about remarks in flightplans. I use https://edi-gla.co.uk/ as a source of real world flightplans. I can't understand some remarks. PBN/A1B1D1O1S2 NAV/RNP2 COM/TCAS DOF/200420 REG/EIEFY EET/LECM0027 LFFF0100 EGTT0149 CODE/4CA7B4 OPR/RYR PER/C RVR/200 RMK/CONTACT XXXXXXXXXX TCAS I'm interested in the following remarks: COM/TCAS RMK/CONTACT XXXXXXXXXX TCAS CODE/4CA7B4 PS: I know what TCAS is 🙂 I just wanted to know the purpose of these remarks. Thank you for the help!
  5. Thank you! What about FS2CREW for 747 QOTS II for FSX (version 1.5)? Can I use non-US settings like UK or something?
  6. Hello! Does the latest version (1.5) of FS2CREW for FSX support Ultimate Ground Crew X? And I have the second question about Speech Recognition settings. Do I still need to use US English for version 1.5?
  7. Bryan, can I start my flight from "Cold And Dark" panes state? I would like to change default panel state to "Cold and Dark" in PMDG menu.
  8. Hello, Bryan! Thanks for updates! Can I just install the update without deleting the current version? Just start the installer and update?
  9. Hello! I’m going to buy PMDG 747-8 soon and I would like to know about systems and differences from 747-400. So I’m looking for FCOM or some other documents about the plane. Thank you all for the help!
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