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  1. Not much point announcing all this new software if they cant make their core product reliable
  2. Thanks for the quick action guys, really appreciate it!
  3. Neither chaseplane or VFX central will start "We are sorry, an unknown error occured. Please contact us at ***@***.com with a reference to this message: "ProtocolError""
  4. Since moving to P3D V4 I've been having an intermittent problem with chaseplane and trackIR. Sometimes (usually when starting a new flight or switching aircraft) even with trackIR selected in camera options and chaseplane control panel showing the green Chaseplane+TrackIR logo in the corner, I get no camera motion whatsoever. Then completely randomly after a few minutes it will just start to work as normal. Once it starts working it works fine, but just seems to be a problem if I change aircraft or start a new scenario. I notice if I'm in flight and I switch the trackIR button on and off in camera advanced options, there is a very slight change in camera position but still camera stays fixed. Anyone else have same issue at all???
  5. Hi, I have been getting the runaround from Aerosoft customer service, I cant believe they could be so bad at resolving something so simple for me. If I provide you with my details and proof of purchase etc, can you guys help?
  6. I originally purchased my FS2crew from Aerosoft. They still only have V3.0 available to download? How can I download 3.1?
  7. Is there any way to have the scroll wheel zoom only active when holding the space bar? I am trying to set chaseplane to be as close to the default camera controls while still having the extra features of the software. Now the scroll zoom feature is here it is so close to what I want, but since I also use the mouse wheel to set all my cockpit instuments by hovering over them and scrolling, its impossible for me to devote the mouse wheel to zoom function full time. Is there a way to make it only zoom while the mouse look button is being held??? Is there somewhere that I can read what these other features do? Track aircraft? Track IR? What does this stuff even mean?
  8. Oh, ok. I most probably misunderstood the info on the website. That's great news about development for use on the iphone. I have the larger iphone plus, and feel the screen would be ample for CDU use, but yes I can understand that especially on some older models it may be a struggle to see. Thanks for your reply, much appreciated.
  9. Hi guys, recently upgraded my PC, my old ASUS mobo kept the external USB ports alive on the front of my ATX tower, this was especially useful as I use a mobile broadband dongle (remote Australia no bb available), and my PC has no wifi capability. So my pc could go online via USB, but also the dongle would stay alive for all my other needs when the PC was off. My upgrade was to an MSI Gaming 5 mobo. Now the usb ports are no longer powered when PC is shut down, I cant find a setting to change this so far. One strange thing I did notice though, is that when I was setting up my overclock and got a bsod, if I forced the PC off by holding in the power button then the usb ports stayed alive. Any help appreciated, thanks, Kieron
  10. Hi, I recently purchased the virtual avionics 737 CDU on my ipad from the UK apple app store. The problem is, that I really want to use my ipad for my charts and plates, and use my iphone 6 for the CDU, however the app is not available for iphone in the uk app store. Is this intentional, as on your website it states available for ipad and smartphone? I tried downloading the app onto my pc with iTunes, however it appears in my ipad apps and wont let me install onto iphone. Any help appreciated, thankyou!
  11. Thanks for the advice. One more question, I currently use windows 7 which I like and am familiar with. Is there any benefit to be had in switching to a newer version?
  12. Thanks, yes either way its bought and paid for now. I have read lots of good things about it, and however it compares it will be quite a step up from my 6 year old gen 1. I've good a good watercooling system so hopefully I will be able to get a similar result. Apologies, used the wrong terminology, I did mean 1tb SSD. Ahh ok, I was just in the mindset that if I could get away without a full reinstallation of my software, that it would be a bit easier. Thought if I could get windows to boot and just install the new drivers that it would save me a lot of time. However if its not going to work as well as a clean start, then its not going to cause any major headaches for me, just a little more work. Thanks, Kieron
  13. I picked that processor because it's single core performance is better, it has a reputation for great overclockability, and looking at the benchmarks the skylake's perform only marginally better. But regardless of why I chose it, it's on its way now.
  14. Hi everyone, I have just recently got back into simming after a few years away. My current system was built in 2010, it is running on windows 7 64bit, has an older I7 920 and two Ati 1gb gpu's. I have my software running from a Samsung 1tb sshd. I have decided since I am really enjoying simming again, to invest in a major upgrade so as to run fsx / p3d as best as possible within my budget. Today I ordered an I7 4790k, msi gaming 5 motherboard and an msi gtx1080 graphics card. Its been a very long time since I was last involved with working on PC's to this level and I'm just looking for some advice on how to proceed with the upgrade when the parts arrive. My intention at the moment is to try and install the components without having to format my hard drive. I have read about an "out of the box" mode which after running and shutting down before upgrading, apparently will allow the computer to boot from my sshd and install the necessary drivers. Has anyone done or attempted this before?? (ofcourse I will be making back ups and have a win7 installation usb stick at the ready just incase) Be interested to hear how you guys would go about the upgrade. Many thanks, Kieron
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