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  1. I have it all on my PC. I could run it if I wanted, but I want to update it.
  2. I just tried it. The issue is is that I need to uninstall Scenery etc. I want to try to download as little as possible, as I have limited data where I live.
  3. I have just built a new PC and decided I should try P3D again after using X-Plane for awhile. I was going to update to 4.4, but Control Panel does not recognize the program and I do not have the original installer. Can anyone help?
  4. Does the absence of hyperthreading on the 9700K mean a whole lot for running X Plane 11 or P3D?
  5. I have downloaded VOX ATC and done a little testing on the ground, and it definitely gave a performance boost. Since you have tried PSXseecon as well, I was wondering if you knew if there was a performance difference between the two.
  6. I am using a bgl based traffic, that I mostly made on my own. Turning traffic down doesn't seem to work from my experience, it just makes like all the planes go away besides like a few, even when you only turn it down to 99, and 99-0 all equal about the same amount of traffic. Multiple people have suggested PSXseeconTraffic, which I might switch to if I could get it to work.
  7. Do you know if my sliders may be an issue? I really was open to any settings being too high for my system, but I now realised I phrased my question really weird. Most people are only talking about AI, but I can't really tell what my card is capable of either. What do you think that could also be having a strong impact?
  8. I am trying to optimize performance in P3D, and know that AI is pretty CPU hungry. I know there are the basic options like "turn it off" or "fly on VATSIM", but I would prefer not to do either of those. I also have road traffic relatively high, just because it looks good, and I didn't notice a huge difference with it off. I was wondering if anyone knew settings that could be turned down for better CPU performance. I believe my GPU is more than capable because it can handle Dynamic Lights with little performance loss. Usually, I am getting 20fps inside the VC of the NGX. My Current Settings: https://imgur.com/a/WxuPe0g
  9. I am in the process of upgrading my PC, and do not want to lose all of my P3D stuff that is on this computer. Will just moving the hard drive keep it? Or will I have to do something else, such as an external hard drive or SSD?
  10. Pretty much what Bert said, I would recommend not buying one of the Nvidia GTX 1080 or 1080TI's , as they are overpriced and do not perform much better than a 1070 or 1070TI. Userbenchmark is a good reference for picking which parts will be the best for the money.
  11. I used modelconverterx, and found this [exits] number_of_exits = 4 exit_rate.0 = 0.2 ;Percent per second exit_rate.1 = 0.2 ;Percent per second exit_rate.2 = 0.2 ;Percent per second exit_rate.3 = 0.2 ;Percent per second exit.0 = 0.4, -17.4, -4.45, -0.1, 0 Works for me!
  12. I saw a thread a while back, but can't find it now. I was wondering if anyone knew the coordinates for the MJC8's front door so that jetways can connect to it. And, if anyone knows if there is a way/or are plans for SODE jetways to connect to it?
  13. Now I'm having the same problem, HUD is enabled, but the preset won't apply and I get the same error you did. Anyone know something I could be doing wrong or have any advice? Thanks!
  14. To (try) and end this, I came in not blaming anyone, It didn't happen to the majestic q400, so I assumed it was only PMDG that were affected by it. (again, not blaming PMDG, I know I mess with the sim a lot so I thought it could've been something I had done, and just wanted to know what it was). I looked for the issue just using google, (using PMDG as a keyword, noticing that it didn't happen to the Majestic Q400 on my system), and nothing came up, so I assumed I did something silly with the sim and somebody here, who has a much much better understanding of how PMDG aircraft work, would be able to help. I did not come in here, or ever, have intent to offend anyone, and thus do not know why I got this response, however, I will still apologize if I unintentionally said something rude.
  15. What do you mean I turned it off in the addon manager, and suddenly the aircraft was normal again, I do not know why it only happens to pmdg, I am not blaming PMDG I only put it on this forum because I thought you guys would understand the problem the best.
  16. Fixed! After doing more testing, I learned that it was Don Grovenstine's AFLT, no idea why, might ask him about it later, but thanks for the help!
  17. I do not believe it is EZCA or ActiveSky, I beleive it is a PMDG only issue. I loaded up the Majestic Q400 and everything was normal in the same scenario. Thanks for the Help!
  18. Oh, sorry I just choose the aircraft from the menus and location and time, and I have a panel state as default.
  19. Oh sorry I load it through the fmc, but then I tried it again and didn't load it, and the same thing happened.
  20. I will uninstall EZCA next, but first I did some testing and noticed that this only occurred during the nighttime, at any airport, only in PMDG aircraft. I have Active Sky for P3dv4 too, if that changes anything. I also noticed that this can also happen with the 747 but I did not test the 777. Thanks!
  21. I think you can see what is going on here, but just in case, Parking Brakes are set payload and fuel are loaded and that is it. The aircraft is cold and dark and moving without any input. I am using EZCA2, however all effects that affect the aircraft are off to my knowledge, so I don't know what's going on...
  22. If you want that go buy the Captain Sim Aircraft, They are more gimmicky (if that's even a word) than PMDG
  23. Haha I was just wondering if there was a way to change it that's all
  24. I have noticed that the PMDG 737NGX has a fade in on the flap sound, does anyone know how to remove this. I am using my own sound for the flaps and it's really annoying when it fades, Thanks, Zane Huston
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