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  1. gh77


    ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6B0qoxlda8&t=68s If you are familiar with this flight shown in video, can it be duplicated with the default f-18, I have been practice landing on carrier for about 3 weeks, take off half moon bay airport land on carrier 10 mi out off coast line. I watched this video who ever did it had pretty good control of aircraft. Could not tell if this was manual flight or auto control. Did not quite understand about the reference to green triangle in middle of screen, was this used as reference to control up or down of aircraft? George Hembree
  2. Is it ok to ask questions about f-18 in this section? George Hembree
  3. Carrier Tutorial, Carrier Landing LMC work ok, carrier practice turns screen black and windows 10 shuts down program? ILS landings are always on left runway no matter which one is selected? George
  4. I talked to customer service at Thrustmaster about T-16000M Joystick and she advised me to use the TARGET software program to move keyboard controls to stick for simpler and better control options (carrier landings).She also advised me to search online for someone that has already used system and get feedback for pros and cons and procedure. I read about 4 pages in manual, got the general idea, could get a little involved. Is this a good idea or is there better method? George Hembree Thrustmaster T-16000M Joystick Cyberpower GX19960c i7-6700/16/1 Processor Intel® Core™ i7-6700 CPU @ 3.41GHz Installed memory (RAM) 8.00 GB System type 64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor Windows 10 Home
  5. Hope this is the right place to discuss these topics. 1. Most effective and user friendly joystick for carrier landings? 2. Installer to match system to joystick for best performance? 3. Does add on Boeing F/A-18E w/HUD have option to download weapons for practice carrier landings? 4. Will steam or anyone have new fsx for 2017? Thrustmaster T-16000M Joystick Cyberpower GX19960c i7-6700/16/1 Processor Intel® Core i7-6700 CPU @ 3.41GHz Installed memory (RAM) 8.00 GB System type 64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor Windows 10 Home George Hembree
  6. FSX Carrier Landing F/A-18 Hornet (Night) [HD] First two landings are my objective, I would like to do first landing with ils if possible, the second one is outstanding. I have been doing carrier lands now for about 2 weeks finally made two or three in a row. Picked F35A addon for great visibility and ils landing capabilities, no fun to fly. First choice to fly F16 Viper airport landing is very smooth. F18 default, Goshawk. I would choose F16 to do carrier landing if it had a hook. I don't think it is designed for carrier landing. George Hembree
  7. Posted Yesterday, 03:34 PM FSX does not have the F35A installed. Only in P3D. Other than that I do not know if it is possible. I'm going to try and see if I can file a flight plan with FSX's F16 or F18. 0 Jim Young | Forums Administrator | AVSIM.com Member AVSIM Board of Directors' You Have Agreed To These When Becoming an AVSIM Member. Make Sure You Have Read Them: Terms of Service (ToS) Important other links: Privacy Policy | Forum Help | Basic FSX Configuration Guide | AVSIM CTD Guide | AVSIM Prepar3D Guide | Request Support | Signature Rules | Screen Shot Rules My computer specs: I7 4770K CPU in Turbo Mode 4.2GHz | GTX 780 | 16GB's RAM | Dell UltraSharp 34" Monitor (U3415W) | Dell 24" Monitor | ASUS Z87 Deluxe Motherboard | Windows 7 To Jim Young, I am curious as to what the above represents? Was my question out of order? George Hembree
  8. Is it possible to file flight plan from KSFO flying F35A Lightining 11 to USS Nimitz located near Golden Gate Bridge and do ILS landing? George Hembree
  9. FSX Carrier Landing F-A-18 Hornet (Night) [HD] - YouTube Is it possible to do the first two landings in video using freeware Nimitz and f-18 Super Hornet? Locate carrier near ksfo. George Hembree
  10. I am considering 1st payware purchase and just trying to sort out what would be good choice. I have the 777 Ceibr Intercontintenal freeware add on that has lnav and vnav on panel. This air craft flys just fine on my computer. I see lots of statements indicating the pmdg 777 is very demanding on computer, a little concern about this. I have used the gps system and have never use the fmc but have a general idea of the fmc. pmdg 737 is highly recommended, old pmdg 747 and new pmdg 777 is recommended, someone indicated the pmdg747v3 would be good selection when it hits the market. Lots of people say pmdg is great but to complex? Once I make a selection I wish to avoid any subscriptions to support apps. such as navigraph. etc. and also wish to avoid the atc method until I get the wrinkles ironed out. Thanks for response gh77
  11. Does anyone know if there will be new tech simulator offered to fsx se users? Payware pmdg 737 vs ifly 737, pmdg 777 considering prices and difficulty of use any comments on first time payware purchase and if add on Ceibr Intercontinental 777 flys ok on your system will pmdg 777 be more demanding on your system, also any news on pmdg 747 new upgrade? Thanks gh77
  12. The fmc add-on is not the best solution. Your choice of PMDG545-400v2 is most likely the best solution since it is integrated with the product. I do not have the 747 but I do have PMDG737NGX and it is far superior to the universal add on. You do not need to subscribe to Navigraph with it. (online statement) PMDG is coming out with a new 747-400v3 soon I have been told. The reason for purchase of payware aircraft is to become familiar with the fmc unit. I have 777 addon with lnav and vnav controls fmc unit that sort of records stuff and controls speed I don't think it does much else. If that plane had standard fmc it would be great plane to learn fmc. If someone has first hand experience with these aircraft and knowledge of new plane. Which aircraft to purchase. Different brand and aircraft? What other programs are required to input flight plans, etc. Other items beside online flight planner. Thanks gh77
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