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  1. that's why i m going back to 4.2,thanks for information adam
  2. LOL thats happen to me
  3. going back to v4.2, if all add-on stable i move to v4.3, i really need PTA
  4. hai Gsalden, for me is too dark on the VC,i need more sharpness how to do that, your preset is the best as i ever seen,thanks a lot, Note: i'm using PTA2-Saldo all month
  5. ahmadjie80

    FSRecorder replacement?

    thanks karijno i so glad to heard that
  6. great idea by FSFX to make this feature have (Replay), but i really need vibra effect and immersion, so i hope this first come out next update. thanks FSFX
  7. ahmadjie80

    FSRecorder replacement?

    okay many thanks
  8. ahmadjie80

    FSRecorder replacement?

    okay good news, and how to fix sound bad while replay?
  9. ahmadjie80

    FSRecorder replacement?

  10. ahmadjie80

    FSRecorder replacement?

    thanks a lot karijno i have try looks good....if i can ask, when FRC support FSFX immersion? i don't see immersion effect while take off and approach,with fog or rain weather, FSRecorder before can play that animation on P3D v3.2. thanks
  11. ahmadjie80

    FSRecorder replacement?

    thanks a lot karijno.....we will wait