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  1. I always kept a mini-mag light in the inner leg pocket of my 'bag'.
  2. Yeah, I considered that. Now, with little/no moonlight, it's nearly pitch black inside during flight. While in the VC, I would like enough ambient light to at least see the other seats when I look over there. Not complaining. I guess enhanced realism has it's drawbacks. 😞
  3. I used to be able to see the flight deck at night just fine while cold and dark but not anymore. Even while flying, I can barely see the flood lights now. I can't be sure if it was the P3D 4.4 update or Nvidia driver update that did it as I updated both at about the same time. *Edit* Just launched a flight tonight. All seems back to normal for the first time in a few weeks. 🤐
  4. Sure. I could reproduce it using the same and perhaps a couple of different configurations to see if I get the same result. Unfortunately, I'm away from home ATM and won't be able to try until I get back tomorrow. Curiously though, based on the information I could find in the FCOM, I would think this message might appear while on the ground.
  5. Thanks Dan, You gave me an idea. I didn't arm Q Climb during preflight as I'm not yet familiar with it. I just armed CLB1. At the time of the message, hadn't yet engaged VNAV. After looking at things again, I reviewed the SID and may have connected a few more dots. After takeoff from 16R the SID requires a teardrop back over the NRE VOR, then shortly after at TETRA it requires +12000 ft. I was only at 706K GW but that's still a lot of weight to get up that high in a relatively short distance. I'm just guessing here. Could it be possible that the system recognized this and automatically disarmed the cutback in order to provide enough thrust to meet the alt restriction thus triggering the CUTBACK DISARMED message?
  6. Today, I departed RJAA/16R (P3Dv4.3 default) enroute to WSSS. Climbing through 1600ft I received a "CUTBACK DISARMED" message on the FMC. The remainder of the climb went fine (except the now expected CLB 1 not engaging). This one was new for me so I checked the docs. I could only find in the FCOM 11.60.3 that it was due to a runway change while on the ground. After verifying the correct runway was loaded into the FMC (and that I didn't foolishly launch from the wrong runway), I was somewhat at a loss. I loaded the FMC while at gate 22 (according to P3D) and taxied to 16R via A. I was on the SAKUR4 departure. I received no notification during taxi or takeoff roll. I was hoping someone could help point me in the right direction as to what might cause this. Not discounting any error between the chair and yoke. Thanks!
  7. Just my guess from the cheap seats... PMDG 737NGXP PMDG 787 PMDG Concorde
  8. Worked computer/network/communications security for 20+ years and would have NEVER attempted to go online without proper A/V protection from a trusted vendor....until a couple of years ago. I don't know of any that are available today that are worth the (ever increasing) amount of money they constantly charge for protection of a home PC. Most of them have reduced themselves to teasing users with "free" base programs then harassing those users with "premium" protection offers (for a modest fee of course) that cause more harm than good. The last one I used was Norton/Symantec until I fired them. I spent more time chasing down problems it caused than enjoying the peace of mind it's supposed to provide. I also don't need a subscription from them to cover my phone and tablets (next to useless anyway). Windows Defender is what I currently use and it works just fine for me. Now I can just focus on the grief Microsoft gives me each month...for FREE.
  9. It works. But only when you least want it to.
  10. A couple months ago I had almost the same thing happen. Service based failures off and (was) using previous oil levels. Late in the flight, oil temps on 3/4 climbed into yellow. At TOD, engines rolled back normally but oil temps on 3/4 both quickly red lined. #4 failed then as I was running the QRH checklist, #3 failed as well. Only happened once so not a recurring issue. I now service the oil before each flight instead of after the previous one. I was actually quite supprised at how pleasantly the aircraft handled with a dual engine failure (same side). I found it a bit more challenging to handle it on the ground than in the air while in that state.
  11. Perhaps an individual's setup/addons? I tend to keep a pretty minimalist setup (few addons) and my FSUIPC autosaves work quite well in P3Dv4 using the QII. I'll select an autosave and let it load untouched while it initializes and the sim resumes the flight from that point. With FSX/SE and previous versions P3D I always had to chase down what needed to be fixed after an autosave reload. With that said, I've only had a handful of mid-flight CTD's since moving to v4.
  12. I too have considered the NGX for a little while now. I've been flying the 744 almost exclusively for about 10ish years now (both -400X and the new QII) and still love it. I was looking for a new challenge aside from the Boeing line. Something with short field capability to get into some of the more regional airports and such. I ended up going in the regional turboprop direction. I may still get the NGX but not sure yet. Perhaps Boomer can provide pros/cons from a 744 point of view?
  13. Yes. Download the .pln from SB to the appropriate location then load it into "Flightplans" in AS. Simbrief already gives a WX briefing but not sure how close the two match. I tend to use the data from AS as I know that's what I'll actually be flying in. However, both may draw their data from the same source. I haven't looked into it with great depth.
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