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  1. Which flight plan is used in transit. P2atc or FSX, or do they work in tandem. Glenn W10 P3dv4.5 P2ATC PMDG 777
  2. I hope someone has a positive solution to the endless squawk code looping. There is no way I know of getting past this problem (one can't even skip pass this problem). The loop blocks all other options. I've even rebooted Vox in flight and it makes no difference. I have just about run out of the trial period and this problem is enough for me to refrain from purchasing. Glenn P3dV4.5 W10
  3. Thanks Brian, I remember now, when I first ran FS2Crew I used the button control because i knew I had seen an options list. Me thinks age has got something to do with this....... But I now have another problem. I have since invested in to FS2Crew for PMDG 747 QOTS and loaded it into P3Dv4 the same as the PMDG 777 {which works), but the 747 is not working. I checked that Autofeather was assigned key C...............just thought.......I may have to assign a different key. If you don't hear from me then all is good, Glenn Hutchinson South Australia
  4. When I call the FA I hear her answer but I don't see an options list. I have re-loaded FS2Crew to no avail. What could be wrong ?? Glenn Hutchinson
  5. Normally I use the Spacebar and mouse for veiwing around the cockpit etc, but I must be hitting a wrong button somewhere because all of a sudden I don't have that feature anymore. It's a real pain starting up the Quality Wings 787-9 and entering the flight plan routing etc. because I have to re-load the A/C ( which is set to Cold and Dark.) to get the feature back. Any hints??
  6. Had cause to re-load FSX (Deluxe). Have re-installed SP1 and SP2. FSX works with no add-ons. Went to re-install PMDG 737-8900 and message window says PMDG does not recognize old version of FSX (needs updating). First time this has happened. (FSX in it's own folder at top of directory) Can someone explain what has happened please. Glenn Hutchinson
  7. Interesting. I haven't heard of this. Neat idea though, and glad you have the opportunity to upgrade! If you can snag something with the NVIDIA line of graphics cards you should be set. Aim for something in the 10xx series, but if it has a 9xx series, you'll be fine there, too! Yep, there is a white goods company here in Aus where you can rent washing machines, fridges, TVs and of course computers. Hardware issues are repaired free, but software I would have to pay for. By the way, yesterday I flew the 747 from YPPH to VTBD (about 5 hours in real time) and everything went perfectly. Because I cut back the scenery (who needs it at FL 340) the FPS were around 15, which is very acceptable for my tired eyes. My apologies to both PMDG and LM for itimating a faulty program, it DOES work and now it seems there is a third element involved here (looking sideways at MS now). I guess I'll have to wait until next week for MS update to see if that fixes it. Glenn Hutchinson
  8. If I can't resolve this satisfactorily I will get another computer. Got pots of dough I here you say. No, I rent my computer and as I have had this one for just over 2 years I can swap it for a more up to date one. Glenn Hutchinson
  9. Windows 10 . P3D v4.1. A friend said my video card is struggling hence lousy framerates coupled with PMDG gobbles up memory, but I can work around that. It's this constant unable to re-start P3d from shutdown without having to un-install both programs and re-install. Thanks for sticking with me guys. Be advised, P3d and the 747 is running in the background as I type this, and I will leave this session running in real time (ex YPPH Perth to VTBD Bankok) External veiw is between 15-20 FPS. But.......what will the surprise be tomorrow when I boot up.........this is the question.! Glenn Hutchinson
  10. I do apologize for my rant and rave, but frustration and anger can make one do funny things. To the members here willing to help me, I will push on. Here is how it works; As I have said before, I don't normally interfere with an app download. I just follow recommendations. P3D is installed into PROGRAM FILES (might try it in another location C:\P3D v4) It will run with the default aircraft. But as soon as I download the PMDG 747, everything goes pear-shaped. I will say this though, the 747 HAS worked but........if or after I close the program, P3D will not run again. All I get is the startup screen and after 30+ seconds of loading it drops off the screen. Thinking of CTD I try to restart P3D only to have a lable say the program is already running. In the past I have un-installed both the program and the aircraft and re-installed (also clean the registry) only to have it happen all over again. That is basically what is happening. If anyone is interested, I can be on Teamspeak (91st Digitalthemepark handle of Muso) and have Teamviewer available to have a look at my setup. As most of you guys are from USA and I'm from Australia, the best times would be afternoon USA/ early mornings AUS. Some specs: Intel core i7-4770T CPU @ 2.5GHz Intel HD Graphics 4600 NVIDIA Geforce 810A P.S I went to High school over 50 years ago, so be kind to a kranky old "Digger"
  11. Question from my wife. "Haven't you had enough trying to fly that damned thing yet". My answer is " yep, it has been a total and expensive disappointment." Consider these costs: P3d v4 - $77.55 (purchased 10/9/17 PMDG 747 - $172.21 (purchased 10/19/17) PMDG 777 - $176.37 (purchased 10/20/17) Foreign exchange - $7.50 After spending $433.63 and trying to install and fly since 10/19/17, it's just not happening. I have spent probably 4 hours each day from that date, installing, uninstalling, cleaning the registry and other ways to get it to run, and nothing is working. The nearest I got, was it did work until I shut the program down, only to have to do the complete un-install of both P3D and the aircraft to get it to run again. Someone suggested the fault lies with MS update KB 4038788. Checked my updates and it was not listed. Someone else suggested KB4041676 which was listed so I deleted it. Still hasn't fixed it The bottom line is, after spending over $433.00 AUD, I can't use it. I have been messing with computers since 1984 and I have never, ever had so much trouble trying to get a program to run. No-one has come up with a workable solution so I figure I just learnt an expensive and time consuming lesson which is leaving a bad taste in my mouth. I'm going back to FSX. Maybe not as good but at least it works Glenn Hutchinson
  12. It seems I'm not out of the woods just yet. After re-installing the 747 I managed to do the Instructional flight. Shut down P3D and now it will not start. The very best I get is the splash screen for about 30+ seconds and then CTD. I can't even use P3D at all. There is something about the 747 that my P3D v4 does not like. It seems the only way to get the 747 going is to re-install it every time. If I want to use P3D I need to un-install the 747. Totally bloody frustrating.
  13. UPDATE to my previous post. All good now. Created a new folder at the top of the directory (C:\P3D v4). That fixed my problem
  14. Thanks guys. Will go back to square one. Glenn hutchinson
  15. After many hours of trying, it is now clear that PMDG 747 is stopping P3d from running. It got so bad that I un-installed both P3d and PMDG 747 (according to recommendations). I re-installed P3d and it runs fine. Then installed the 747 and P3d won't run. The only thing that is weird is a message during the program load as follows: PMDG debug. Warning: Unable to create work files. Run ad Admin (which it is) N.B I normally let these programs find their own paths and don't interfere with the downloading. When I was using FSX it was advised to have the program folder at the top of the tree (C:\FSX) which I did. Does P3d need to be done the same ? Glenn Hutchinson
  16. Ah ha..............found it !!. Unchecking Save flights in FSUIPC fixed it for me. Just had a 2 hour flight with NOT ONE freeze, glitch or whatever. Now I can enjoy flying the PMDG 737
  17. I too am encountering freezes. i have tried different suggestion without success. My freezes are chronic, even if I don't touch anything I will get at least 3 freezes in 2 minutes. I can get a freeze using keyboard, mouse, joystick or FS2crew. The freezes go out of control during setup, takeoff and landings. I am using W10 and run FSX, PMDG 737, FS2crew, EZCA, Active sky and Plan-G. I'm getting to my wits end with this. Glenn Hutchinson
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