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  1. I did that before I lunched the sim and after I launched the sim the same step you mention above. Nothing happen. I did deleted the camera cfg. and it worked for one second and everything went down hill from there, so I restored it. Still nothing
  2. Please help, I uninstall CP from fsx Steam from the VFX Central and even control panel and delete everything. I still cannot get my hat switch to work and my default view back in the cockpit. Someone please help. I read a post a post where it said in p3d just deleted the camera.cfg file. Boy was everything else got messed up.
  3. From anything or just REX?
  4. Anyone has any update on sim-planet?
  5. I believe that's only for vs passenger customers. My product is an Airbus from aerosoft. They advised me to wait for the back up website. All I need is my download link since the one they sent me is expired. I have my serial key.
  6. Anyone have any update on sim-planetsim-planet or so called back up site? Will do. I'm still waiting on them to answer.
  7. sorry but at the moment we have no further information about this This is what they answered.
  8. Will do. I'm still waiting on them to answer.
  9. I hope so as well. I just sent aerosoft another email today 4/5/17 asking how would we know the existence of this so called website, are they going to contact us or we just have to keep checking the Web for such website that may or may never come.to existence.
  10. Yes I had to do a factory reset of my PC and lost all files and downloads. The original link is expired. I thought Aerosoft would had been able to just send me a downlink since I still have my activation key . After all it's their product.
  11. I got the same information. I just wanted my downlink of my aerosoft airbus. I think I might as well just repurchased the product. Like you said I also have doubt we will ever see that "new shop"
  12. I tried that email address and it returned unknown and unable to deliver. I even contact aerosoft concerning the airbus purchase I made thru sim-planet, still waiting for an answer.
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