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  1. Ok thanks for the information and your help!
  2. Hi All, I was looking to buy Desk Pilot Professional to fly with my friend in the PMDG 777 and just had some questions about how it works: 1. Is it compatible with P3D yet? 2. Is the FMC/CDU sunk in the flightdeck so that my co-pilot can see everything i am doing to it in real time as well as seeing me do everything in the flightdeck in real time and vice versa? 3. We were going to use it to fly the Cross the Pond event and i was wondering does it still need multiplayer to connect or can we use single player and connect through that to get onto Vatsim? Because if it works in P3D i believe that it doesn't have multiplayer. 4. Can it work through Port Forwarding? Any help would be appreciated!
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