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  1. Wow, that are great news mate. So the latest SPAD version supports the MCP? Or is it not available for download yet?
  2. I'm so glad to hear that. So than it's possible to use VA 737MCP with p3dv5 again?
  3. I have the V28.1 But the Site is online again.
  4. I wrote an email a to VA few days ago, about the P3dV5 compatibility, thats their answer. "Hello Sergio, I must apologize but on this one, we will not be able to provide this upgrade any time soon. I don't know where you live, but things here are pretty ugly and we've been severely impacted on our production and hence, sales. This means practically zero income since March so we are basically putting money to keep the company alive (taxes, bills, etc). I am really, really sorry but there is not much we can do right now. Yours sincerely, Ricardo." That sounds not good...
  5. Do you have RivaTuner Statistics server running?
  6. Thank you guys, I couldn't do no single flight for weeks, becouse of CTD's as soon as I selected PMDG or QW Airplanes. Deinstalled RivaTuner Server now, and the CTD's are gone.
  7. Thx YKULK, will try it again, step by step. I use the MCP373, so I have no alternatives like for CDU. Their support just sucks, I mean this is a 600$ item, and u have to wait weeks or even longer for updates, to get it work with new P3D versions.
  8. @thibodba57 I have same issuse, it does not recognize P3DV5, says "connected to FSX-SE".
  9. Hm, didn't work for me, with P3dV5 VA2.28.1 and the latest 747 update.
  10. Thanks YKULK, well explained 👍
  11. What should we do guys? I didn't understand 🤷‍♂️
  12. Need an Update, but once again, no response from VA Support...
  13. ENVSHADE has been updated and supports P3Dv5 now.
  14. VAInterface 2.28 is now availible for Download. Added support for PMDG 737 NGXu
  15. Install the old version, then copy the new .exe into the installation folder... REEEAAAD THIS!
  16. UPDATE your VAinterface flytrumpet767
  17. Hello Vitor, whats about the existing Account from the old VA website? I cant login on the new one.
  18. Deaktivate "Absolute Axis" when you assign the Joystick.
  19. In your last Preset the cockpit is much more darker in the night, how can i get it as bright as it is on this screenshots?
  20. Oh, no sorry, i`m in the cruise right now, will do it later. Thank you.
  21. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------- ChasePlane Report by ------ on 2/28/2017 3:59:20 PM UTC --------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Version: 0.1.636 PLV: 0.1.634 OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro .NET: 4.6 RC or later Running Sim: P3D Supported Current aircraft: PMDG 737-800NGX WL Current aircraft cfg: G:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\SimObjects\Airplanes\PMDG 737-800NGX WL\aircraft.cfg ---------------------------------------------------- --------------- Installed Simulators --------------- ---------------------------------------------------- P3Dv3 "G:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\" ------------------------------------------- --------------- Preferences --------------- ------------------------------------------- experimental_version = True ui_refresh_ms = 500 ui_anim_duration = 0.4 view_sel_anim_in_ms = 0.2 view_sel_anim_out_ms = 0.1 view_sel_delay = 200 minimize_taskbar = True x_to_minimize = True mouse_middle_view_switcher = False turb_pause_ms = 1 always_on_top = False debug_show = False vas_show = True vas_warning = True vas_remaining = True vas_warning_treshold = 400 turb_wind_amplitude = 1 startup_glob_enable = True app_auto_launch = True mouse_middle_cam_look = True mouse_middle_cam_zoom = False pause_turbs_on_mousemove = False pause_turbs_in_slew = True doors_enabled = False mode_cinematic_ctrl_speed = 4.36864946071414 mode_cinematic_ctrl_inertia = 2.99999979797204 mode_cinematic_duration = 220 mode_cinematic_delay = 120 mode_cinematic_vas_protection = True boostFactor = 15 joystick_default_dead_zone = 100 user_statistics = False auto_cpu_afinity = False cpu_afinity = 1111 show_whats_new = True disable_advanced = False enable_trackir = False trackir_reset = False translucent_window = False user_defaults = ------------------------------------------------------------- --------------- Aircraft's Camera Definitions --------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- CFG created on 4/14/2016 2:36:50 PM UTC CFG modified on 2/15/2017 10:01:00 PM UTC [CameraDefinition.000] Title = "Right Overwing" [CameraDefinition.001] Title = "Left Overwing" [CameraDefinition.002] Title = "Right Wing Forward" [CameraDefinition.003] Title = "Left Wing Forward" [CameraDefinition.004] Title = "Right Wing Aft" [CameraDefinition.005] Title = "Left Wing Aft" [CameraDefinition.006] Title = "Tail Camera" [CameraDefinition.007] Title = "Nose Camera" [CameraDefinition.008] Title = "Right Wing" [CameraDefinition.009] Title = "Left Wing" [CameraDefinition.010] Title = "F/O Seat" [CameraDefinition.011] Title = "Overhead Upper Panel" [CameraDefinition.012] Title = "Overhead Lower Panel" [CameraDefinition.013] Title = "Center Pedestal" ---------------------------------------------------------- --------------- Cameras.cfg file for P3Dv3 --------------- ---------------------------------------------------------- CFG created on 10/10/2016 2:59:28 PM UTC CFG modified on 2/28/2017 3:32:04 PM UTC [CameraDefinition.021] Title=On-Board(ChasePlane) HotKeySelect=1 [CameraDefinition.022] Title=Outside(ChasePlane) HotKeySelect=3 [CameraDefinition.023] Title=Static(ChasePlane) HotKeySelect=5 [CameraDefinition.024] Title=Gimbal(ChasePlane) HotKeySelect=8 [CameraDefinition.001] Title=Cockpit HotKeySelect=2 [CameraDefinition.003] Title=Spot [CameraDefinition.004] Title=LockedSpot //HotKeySelect=3 [CameraDefinition.005] Title=FlyBy [CameraDefinition.006] Title=Top-Down [CameraDefinition.007] Title=NearestTower NoSortTitle=True [CameraDefinition.008] Title=FacilitiesTower [CameraDefinition.009] Title=FacilitiesRunway [CameraDefinition.010] Title=AIPlanes [CameraDefinition.011] Title=MultiplayerPlanes [CameraDefinition.012] Title=IR(WhiteHot) [CameraDefinition.013] Title=IR(BlackHot) [CameraDefinition.014] Title=NVG(WhiteHot) [CameraDefinition.015] Title=NVG(BlackHot) [CameraDefinition.016] Title=Weapons [CameraDefinition.017] Title=Static [CameraDefinition.018] Title=RadarCamera [CameraDefinition.019] Title=OculusCockpit [CameraDefinition.020] Title=OculusVirtualCockpit --------------------------------------------- --------------- END OF REPORT --------------- ---------------------------------------------
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