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  1. Thank you for your help 3 days I've tried to configure it and it took 2 mins with your help thank you
  2. I downloaded what I thought was the drivers but it was the base pack I found serial FP 2 I have loaded up the FSX 737 and it is working slow but working
  3. Hi where do I get the serial driver ?
  4. thanks I will give that a go I appreciate the help
  5. Hi thanks for your response it doesn't work with any aircraft I have downloaded the NGX i737 modules. I have the M-panel and that works great that's why I decided to go for the MCP-Combo.
  6. Hi I have bought a VRinsight MCP Combo 2 but I am struggling to get it to sync to FSX. I am using FSX Steam Edition on Windows 10. When I run LINDA the configuration check lists say's Joy stick / HID devices ok, VRinsight MCP Combo OK, FSX / FSUIPC Settings OK. When I run VRiSim It finds the MCP-Combo but say's No Aircraft Found. The MCP-Combo shows SPD HDG ALT and Nav etc... However I don't get any response in FSX I have tried PMDG 737-NGX, Boeing 747, i737 I also have Saitek Yoke, Pedals, Throttle Quadrant and Switch Panel Can anyone help please
  7. Hi i'm still having problems adding textures to my aircraft. can someone help please regards Gordon
  8. yes i have an error its a long message I tried to copy and paste it It is Version 1.1 Its the PMDG B737-NGX Sorry I think I confused you I have the 747 that is fine, its the 737 I have the problem with
  9. Hi I have PMDG DVD versions of 737 NGX and 747-400 Queen of the skies, however I cant load the PMDG Operations Manager to add textures to the PMDB 737 NGX I have uninstalled and reinstalled this is on a new PC that has only the flight sim on can anyone help please Regard Gordon
  10. Thank you both for responses. I don't get to go on the sim much maybe an hour in the evening as my wife has 2 brain tumours so all I do really is fly (well try to) the boing 747-400 I will look at the weights Thank you again Best regards Gordon
  11. Hi I'm having a problem keeping the plane in the sky, I climb up to 38000 feet following directions from ATC without problems so from take off to 38000 feet its ok after 39000 feet the plane just falls out of the sky no matter what I do I have pitot enabled When I ran FSX back in 2007 on a Microsoft XP pc I had no problems Could it be windows 10 that's causing the problem? Best regards Gordon
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